Innovation, collaboration and creativity across disciplines. Inside the studio, at a gallery, on stage or even at a local park. Projects in the College of Arts and Architecture involve faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, staff, visiting professionals and often community members. While the details and locations may vary, enthusiasm and inspiration are guaranteed.

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Textile art consisting of many different types of fabric.


Abstract art piece with colorful ink blots.

In Vulnerability

Abstract layered multimedia art piece.

Ryan Kough: UNDER PRESSURE | a participatory experimental art installation

Closeup of a colorful image from Melissa Forkner Lesher's HIGH STRUNG sculptural installation. Vibrant colors of orange, rust, purpe and blue cascade around circuloar shapes of material.

Melissa Forkner Lesher: HIGH STRUNG | A sculptural installation

A brightly colored fish sculpture swims amongst white and black backdrop elements

Mengqi Xu: I See Fish in the Somber Woods | 林深时见鱼

The base of the MycoKnit showing the yarn-knitted textiles on which mycelium-based composites will grow.


A photograph of an architectural structure comprised of mycellium-based components.

MycoCreate 2.0

Marian Bailey painting mural

Marian Bailey: patterns of a life

a photo of a balloon over a landscape

Naomi Reis: Talisman for Unknown Territories

A screenshot from Andrew Hieronymi's game

Tactile Perceptions, Two Interactive Installations

kombucha window installation at Woskob Family Gallery

Nichole van Beek: Grow Forward Together

An image from Stacy Levy's video titled Mold Garden showing mold patterns

Stacy Levy: When Art works


Catie Dillon: Remain in Light

Nurse uniform from circa 1910 being photographed in a photo studio

Fashioning an Archive for School of Theatre

Fabric installation suspended from the Woskob Family Gallery's ceiling.

Megan Gottfried: Room to Room


Art History Dissertations and Abstracts from North American Institutions

A mosaic tiled sculpture illuminated by a back light in the dark.

Alex Russell: kaleidoscope answers

A group of colorful art installations suspended from the ceiling.

Dana Lynn Harper: Field Guides

Gallery window installation

Yeonhye Park: The Eternity of the Moment

Illustration of the character Jack looking up at a giant eyeball peering at him through a castle window, with a large vine encircling the castle wall.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Screenshot of an animated landscape with two wind turbines.

Brian Alfred: Kinda Lovely

Illustration of a light post, trash can, and mailboxes lined up in a row, casting shadows.

Joshua Frankel: Animation from A Marvelous Order

SYZYGY, an installation of colorful fabric structures by nationally recognized artist RACHEL HAYES

Rachel Hayes: Syzygy

Abstract geometric painting

Dannielle Tegeder: Seigolomsoc / Cosmologies

Panoramic charcoal illustration of central Pennsylvania's landscape on a curved wall.

Alec Spangler: Folded Section

Three African American students in a classroom, with one of said students writing on a chalkboard.

Race and Revolution: Still Separate, Still Unequal

Multi-color geometric digital wall mural.

Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy: The Speed of Thinking

Multi-color neon light fixture hanging on Woskob Family Gallery's wall.

Keith Lemley: A Theory of Everything

Sawyer Seminar: Transmission, Containment & Transformation

multi paint swirl

Virtual/Material: Color and Pigment Graduate Workshop

Complex blues and greys of clouds in a painting by realist British artist John Constable.

After Constable’s Clouds

The Ex-Convent of San Juan Bautista, Tixcacaltuyub, Yaxcabá, Yucatán, late sixteenth century

Maya Christian Churches in Early Modern Yucatán

A diagram of the different components of a building with smart materials for its exterior.

Smart Materials and Buildings

The Grammar of Siza’s Malagueira Houses by Jose Duarte shows an overhead view of 25 house design iterations.

Mass Customization and Grammar Studies

Three dimensional augmented reality spores as part of a virtual game experience within the 14th St./Union Square station of the New York City subway system.

LSD – Augmented Reality

Site assessment schematic

A Web App for Urban Pollinator Site Assessment

Marcus Shaffer wheels the completed frame through the streets of downtown State College to drop it off for Jamie Heilman in a mask and gloves.

Barrier for Outside Outpatient Testing of Heath

Photo of Guatemalan women conversing outside a house with several colorful woven containers.

Woven Water Filter

Close-up photo of textured fabric panels mounted on metal frames, backlit by sunlight.


Photo of Vernelle A. A. Noel crouched in front of her self-constructed blue dancing sail sculpture

Costuming and Dancing Sculptures

Photo of a pair or prototype leggings on a dress form.

Quantified Walk Project

Photo of a Solar Fiber Tension Structure Shade Prototype.

Woven Light

Photo of female student wearing an augmented reality headset.

Decoding and Recording Informal Settlements

Additive Manufacturing of Architectural Structures