A photograph of an architectural structure comprised of mycellium-based components.

MycoCreate 2.0 is a compression-based architectural structure, measuring approximately 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6 feet high, that is composed of 64 unique load-bearing mycelium-based components.

This structure came about from the work of Benay Gürsoy and her ForMat Lab team researchers who are exploring the use of mycelium, which comes from the root of fungi, to cultivate biodegradable building composites.

Gürsoy and ForMat Lab researchers Ali Ghazvinian, an architecture doctoral candidate who is leading the project, and Alale Mohseni, an architecture master’s degree student, traveled to Charlottesville, VA, in the spring of 2022 to install MycoCreate as part of the Biomaterial Building Exposition at the University of Virginia.

Crucial to this research has been the ForMat Lab team’s collaboration with the Mushroom Research Center at Penn State.


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