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Resources for Students

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Academic Integrity

“Academic honesty boils down to three simple but powerful principles:
When you say you did the work yourself, you actually did it.
When you rely on someone else’s work, you cite it. When you use their words, you quote them openly and accurately, and you cite them, too.
When you present research materials, you present them fairly and truthfully, that’s true whether the research involves data, documents, or the writings of other scholars.”

— Charles Lipson. Doing Honest Work in College: How to Prepare Citations, Avoid Plagiarism, and Achieve Real Academic Success, 2nd ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008), 3.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Students

A&A's undergraduate advising page is the place to start with questions about academic planning and processes. The page provides self-served resources and FAQs plus introduces and connects you to the A&A Academic Advising Team.

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Connect with Your Adviser on Starfish

Graduate Students

Graduate advising is offered by the faculty-in-charge or program advisers of respective academic programs. Extensive information and resources also are available through the Graduate School and the Graduate Bulletin.

A&A Graduate Programs

Penn State Graduate School

Penn State Graduate Bulletin

Careers and Internships

Student Success Team

“To get a job.” That’s the over-short, but often-stated reason for why you go to school. Obviously there’s much, much more than that – the friends, learning, personal growth, artistic advancement, and a host of other rewards and opportunities are far greater than just getting that job, but, quite seriously, getting a job is an important piece of life’s puzzle for most students, and a Penn State education is a huge asset when you go looking for employment.

Penn State is a powerhouse school, recognized for its serious academic reputation. Penn State also boasts a staggeringly large and active alumni organization. And Arts and Architecture has a team of advisers who can help you explore career paths, set up internships, connect with mentors, and chase your ideal job.

Robin Bierly

  • Director of Student Engagement

Ross Weinreb

  • Assistant Clinical Professor of Architecture
  • Stuckeman School Career Adviser

Career, Internship and Networking Resources

Student Groups, Research and Global Programs


From laptop requirements, to on-campus computer labs and virtual lab access, plus printing resources and more, the A&A Technology and Computing page provides key details for computing. Penn State IT Support provides a self-serve knowledge base plus direct support for IT issues.

A&A Technology + Computing

Penn State IT Support

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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The College of Arts and Architecture is fundamentally aligned with promoting diversity and opposing racism. We are listening and learning, crafting and composing, performing, designing, singing, acting, and acting up.

The arts and design disciplines should be a safe space for all to be valued, cherished, and protected. We want our faculty, staff, and students to join together to pursue that goal.

A&A Office of Access and Equity

Student Affairs Community & Belonging website

Penn State Equity website

Health and Wellness

Supporting the health, well-being of all students is a critical goal of Penn State. From broad-based medical healthcare services through extensive counseling and wellness resources and programing, the College of Arts and Architecture and the University engage in a holistic wellness approach.

Below are a wide array of resources – we encourage all students to explore these services and tools not just in times of crisis, but preemptively and ongoingly to maintain and improve physical and mental wellness.

Get Urgent Help

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Arts and Architecture’s units each have a variety of scholarships, and in many cases, incoming students are automatically considered for available scholarships. Some scholarships are reserved for advanced-standing students or groups, however, the College of Arts and Architecture has been blessed with numerous supporters who have created a deep pool of scholarships for individual students.

Applications and nominations are accepted at various times throughout the year, and new funding and recognition options arise regularly. Feel free to reach out to faculty and program administrators in your academic program to learn about new and upcoming scholarships. Visit the A&A scholarship resources page – it provides an excellent starting point to explore available opportunities.

A&A Scholarship Resources

Tuition and Paying

A Penn State education is an investment in your future. Earning a degree in the arts, performance, or design fields can provide distinct personal and societal dividends. The College of Arts and Architecture and Penn State as a whole are committed to providing resources, because we know costs are an important factor in any decision to invest in a college education. We want to help you to make an informed choice and be aware of the many opportunities available.

A&A Tuition Resources page

Penn State Bursar FAQs