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Academic Advising

Undergraduate Academic Advising

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The College of Arts & Architecture offers multiple ways for current undergraduate students to get academic advising help: quick-question advising, email, and scheduled appointments (both in-person and virtual).

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Undergraduate Academic Advising Team

Kyrie Harding

  • A&A Director of Advising: College-wide and Integrative Arts

Liz Agler

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Art, Art Education, Digital Arts & Media Design, Professional Photography

Margaret Higgins

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: School of Music

Mary Sergeant

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: School of Theatre, Art History

Nate Schierman

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Stuckeman School – Architecture, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture,

Sarah Watson

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Stuckeman School – Architecture, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture
A&A Advisers can help you: We expect you to:
Create your individualized academic plan. Consult with your adviser at least once a semester. Come prepared and follow up on referrals and recommendations.
Navigate General Education and University requirements, majors/minors/certificates, research opportunities, internships, study abroad programs, etc. Read your Penn State emails daily. Read the A&A Student Digest weekly. Use resources and take advantage of offerings.
Identify relevant policies and program requirements. Assume final responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and successful completion of all graduation requirements.
Address issues affecting your academic progress. Become knowledgeable of relevant policies, procedures, and rules of the University and your academic program.
Refer you to other resources (academic, health and wellness, psychological, career-focused, etc.) as needed. Make informed decisions and get involved. Take charge – it's your education; your future.


Advisers advise, students decide!

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Calendars and Deadlines

View the Registrar's official academic calendars

Students are responsible for knowing and meeting the deadlines to take academic action in each semester, or summer session period.

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