Catherine Adams

  • Digital Support Specialist, Center for Virtual/Material Studies

Liz Agler

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Art, Art Education, Digital Arts & Media Design, Professional Photography

Deanna Beamer

  • Financial Coordinator, Center for Performing Arts

Jamie Behers

  • Business Operations Manager, Stuckeman School

Robin Bierly

  • Director of Student Engagement

Jenny Blew

  • Administrative Support Assistant, Academic Affairs and Outreach

Russell Bloom

  • Assistant Directory of Facilities, Engagement, and Outreach, School of Music

Amy Bucha

  • Executive Assistant, Office of the Dean

Nina Bumgarner

  • Stuckeman School Graduate Programs Staff Assistant
  • Administrative Contact, Graphic Design

Erin M. Coe

  • Director, Palmer Museum of Art

Tess Dubler

  • Multimedia Specialist
  • A&A Multimedia Internship Coordinator & Digital Assets Manager

Sita Frederick

  • Director, Center for the Performing Arts

Kyrie Harding

  • A&A Director of Advising: College-wide and Integrative Arts

Ashley Hardison

  • Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

Margaret Higgins

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: School of Music

Wanda Hockenberry

  • Administrative Support Assistant, School of Music

Sharon Hoover

  • Analysis and Planning Consultant

Tracy Jackson

  • Graphic Designer, College of Arts & Architecture

Wanjiru Kareithi

  • Postdoctoral Scholar in College of Arts and Architecture; African Studies; and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Katrina Kasper

  • Research Administrative Support Coordinator, Stuckeman School

Kelsey Knight

  • Director of Alumni Relations and Stewardship

Jay Lasnik

  • Props Department Supervisor

Chrissy Leidy

  • Architecture Program Coodinator

Carolyn Lucarelli

  • Manager, Center for Virtual/Material Studies

Karen McNeal

  • Financial Specialist, Stuckeman School

Tracie Mehalick

  • Administrative Support Coordinator

Lacy Miller

  • Graduate Program Coordinator

Jen Curry Morgan

  • Adminstrative Assistant Coordinator

Erica Nodell

  • Administrative Support Coordinator, Department of Art History

Diana Nolten

  • Student Enrollment Specialist, Stuckeman School

Brian Reed

  • Creative Designer, Stuckeman School

Clayton Richardson

  • Administrative Support Assistant, Office of Academic Affairs and Outreach

Shannon Ritter

  • Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator, School of Theatre

Nate Schierman

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Stuckeman School – Architecture, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture,

Mary Sergeant

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: School of Theatre, Art History

Sheryl Shaffer

  • Administrative Support Coordinator, Palmer Museum of Art

Emily Sikora

  • Administrative Support Assistant, Art History

Laura Sullivan

  • Publicity Contact, Center for the Performing Arts

Allan Sutley

  • Shop Supervisor, Stuckeman School

Scott Tucker

  • Creative Director, College of Arts & Architecture

Sarah Watson

  • Undergraduate Academic Adviser: Stuckeman School – Architecture, Graphic Design, Landscape Architecture

Pamela Krewson Wertz

  • Director of Marketing & Communications, Stuckeman School

Sarah Anne Wharton

  • Publicity Contact, Palmer Museum of Art

Steve White

  • Technician, Stuckeman School

Courtney Wingard

  • Human Resources/Faculty Coordinator, Stuckeman School