A&A Parent and Family Resources

Get Connected!

Arts and Architecture parents and families are as diverse as A&A students. We come from around the country and the globe, with a rich and varied set of backgrounds and situations, but all Penn State families are united around the success of their students.

Connecting with other A&A parents is a fantastic opportunity to stay abreast of Penn State happenings, support your student, and build your own community. We encourage you to get involved with the outstanding parent/guardian groups. Utilize this robust resources, find your place and contribute your insights and talents, enjoy this amazing community and experience, and most of all, watch as your students blossom and thrive!

Penn State Parents Program

The Hub for Penn State Parents and Families

The Penn State Parents Program is the central resource for parents, families, guardians – anyone actively supporting a Penn State student. We are delighted to welcome you to the Arts and Architecture family, and the greater Penn State community. We look forward to supporting you as you support your student. We are here to partner with you to ensure your student’s success by:

  • Serving as a central University resource
  • Enhancing parent and family involvement opportunities
  • Providing information about the student experience at Penn State
  • Communicating regularly with families

The Parents Program website is the central location for all things Penn State Parent. Whether you have a first-time student, a change of campus transfer, an international student, or this is your fourth student and it’s all ‘old hat’ you can stay abreast of University events, happenings, visits, resources, and more.

For families and parents visit weekend schedules to nitty-gritty details about financial aid, ID cards, residential life, technology, health services and more, you can find the information you want and need. We invite you to contact our office with any questions or concerns.

Social Media Groups

Pick your platform! Wherever you like to be social online, other Penn State parents and families are there. Get the latest on Penn State happenings and student support.

A prospective student and her father play Jenga in between sessions at Spend a Summer Day.

Parents and Families Resource Guide

The University Park Parents and Families Guide, provides valuable information for new Penn State families with students attending the University Park campus. As a companion to your Virtual Orientation and beyond, the guide features academic, co-curricular, and student support services information.

View the Guide

The student experience at Penn State is remarkably rich. As parents and families, you have crucial supporting role!

Time and Energy

Your time, energy, and financial support are invaluable assets for your student and the Penn State community. By giving any of these, you provide resources that enrich the Penn State experience for all students, parents, and families. And there are so many ways to contribute time or talents.

Penn State Values

  • INTEGRITY: We act with integrity and honesty in accordance with the highest academic, professional, and ethical standards.
  • RESPECT: We respect and honor the dignity of each person, embrace civil discourse, and foster a diverse and inclusive community.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: We act responsibly, and we are accountable for our decisions, actions, and their consequences.
  • DISCOVERY: We seek and create new knowledge and understanding, and foster creativity and innovation, for the benefit of our communities, society, and the environment.
  • EXCELLENCE: We strive for excellence in all our endeavors as individuals, an institution, and a leader in higher education.
  • COMMUNITY: We work together for the betterment of our University, the communities we serve, and the world.