Summer Session Courses

Make A&A a part of your summer plans! Where do you plan to be this summer? At home with family? On campus with friends? Somewhere with palm trees and crystal blue water? Wherever you plan to be, Penn State will meet you there.

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Plan for Summer

The College of Arts and Architecture offers a great selection of courses in a variety of delivery modes, so you can get back to the classroom or learn remotely. We have Integrative Studies offerings available. You can catch up on a standard University Park campus course over the summer, or you could explore numerous online options. This provides flexibility to learn where you are and find the right courses to fit your academic interests.

A&A Courses

General Education Courses

All A&A summer session courses qualify as General Education (Gen Ed) classes. Specific Gen Ed designations, as detailed below, are indicated in the description for each course.

  • GA – General Arts (All courses)
  • US – US Cultures component
  • IL – International Cultures component
  • GS – Integrative Studies: GA with Gen Social Science
  • GN – Integrative Studies: GA with Gen Science
  • GH – Integrative Studies: GA with Gen Humanities
  • GHW – Integrative Studies: GA with Gen Health & Wellness
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Integrative Studies Courses

The following courses have a distinctive intellectual dimension, and can fulfill Integrative Studies requirements. These courses ask you to consider a topic from the perspective of multiple knowledge domains; they aim to advance your ability to comprehend things from multiple perspectives, to see connections, and to grasp the concept that one must employ different modes of thinking, different epistemologies, to understand more adequately the nature of things.

Complete Course List

Grouped by subject area, this is the complete list of A&A courses available for Summer 2022.

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Financial concerns?

If you need a summer course to graduate on time, you may be eligible for the Summer Success Scholarship.

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