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A Web App for Urban Pollinator Site Assessment This project presents a new web-based planting design tool for assessing urban pollinator habitat quality and resiliency.
Barrier for Outside Outpatient Testing of Heath The Barrier for Outside Outpatient Testing of Heath (BOOTH) is a structure designed at Penn State by a multidisciplinary team involving faculty, staff, and students from the College of Arts and Architecture and the College of Engineering, all working within the context of the university-wide MASC project.
Woven Water Filter The objective of this project is to design and develop a textile wearable such as a cloth backpack, scarf, or other clothing accessory which performs 2 critical functions.
Felt FELT is a 5’ x 6’ computational textile panel which was designed to understand what emotion gets communicated to people using vision and touch from a still and shape-changing textile.
From Costuming and Dancing Sculptures to Architecture This work describes a new approach to designing and fabricating costuming and dancing sculptures and the potential application of this system at the architectural scale.
Quantified Walk Project The project is to fabricate a pair of wearable leggings embedded with sensors, which can help identify a person’s a gait or walk.