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Megan Gottfried: Room to Room Room to Room is a dynamic environment made of reclaimed fabric. Megan stitches together strangers’ stories into an intimate installation.
Art History Dissertations and Abstracts from North American Institutions The Art History Dissertations and Abstracts from North American Institutions dataset represents over a year of work collecting, collating, amending, and researching art history PhD dissertations submitted to CAA since 1980.
Alex Russell: kaleidoscope answers “How are you doing?” is a very common question that has become difficult to answer since the pandemic began upending our lives in 2020. This installation, kaleidoscope answers, is an attempt to respond to that question.
Dana Lynn Harper: Field Guides Field Guides is playful and boisterous exhibition exploring the artist’s belief of spirit guides.
First Friday: “Field Guides” by Dana Lynn Harper and “kaleidoscope answers” by Alex Russell Join us on October 1 at 5–8 p.m. for First Friday, for the opening reception for Field Guides by Dana Lynn Harper and kaleidoscope answers by Alex Russell.
Yeonhye Park: The Eternity of the Moment Yeonhye Park depicts the complexity of human emotions by using a wide range of art languages such as cut-out painting, clay work, canvas-based painting, and sculpture.
First Friday: Catie Dillon’s “Remain in Light” Join us on September 3 for First Friday, for the closing reception for The Eternity of the Moment by Yeonhye Park, and the opening reception for Catie Dillon’s mural titled Remain in Light. 5–8 p.m., Friday, September 3, 2021
Jack and the Beanstalk Inspired by Flora Annie Steel’s 1918 edition of Jack and the Beanstalk, the collaborative team of MFA Scenic Design candidates and BFA Lighting Design students from the Penn State School of Theatre used their collective skills, knowledge, and creativity to create a storybook world for Jack and his beanstalk in the windows of the Downtown Theatre.
Brian Alfred: Kinda Lovely "Kinda Lovely" is a music video Alfred created for the musical artist Poolside in 2020. The video animation captures the vibe of California and the feeling of Poolside’s music.
Joshua Frankel: Animation from A Marvelous Order The animations presented are from the body of work created by Frankel for "A Marvelous Order," a forthcoming multimedia opera about cities and how they change, about power and how it is confronted, and about two nearly-mythological figures from 20th century New York—Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses—who clashed through a battle of ideas that manifested itself in the streets.
Rachel Hayes: Syzygy Rachel Hayes was commissioned to create our 2019-2020 Woskob-Wall installation. Hayes creates fabric structures that vibrantly explore painting processes, quilt making, architectural space, light, and shadow.
Dannielle Tegeder: Seigolomsoc / Cosmologies Seigolomsoc/Cosmologies, a wall drawing in two acts, encompasses the gallery walls with a visual dialect for viewers to decipher.
Alec Spangler: Folded Section Folded Section is a new, site-specific wall (and floor) drawing that re-imagines the local Ridge and Valley landscape and invites viewers to find their place within it.
Race and Revolution: Still Separate, Still Unequal "Race and Revolution: Still Separate, Still Unequal" is a traveling exhibition of contemporary artwork and historical documents exploring the ongoing issue of school segregation in the United States.
Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy: The Speed of Thinking "The Speed of Thinking" by Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy, visualizes Dietrick’s research on seaports across the globe.
Keith Lemley: A Theory of Everything Keith Lemley, our 2017–18 Woskob Wall artist, fabricated and installed the site-specific installation using his signature combination of maple and neon—two seemingly disparate materials unified through geometry and form.
Virtual/Material: Color and Pigment Graduate Workshop The evidentiary status of digital representations of works of art is a question that has become as pressing for students and scholars of art history as it has long been for conservators and conservation scientists, imaging professionals, data scientists, and information specialists. This workshop will offer an integrated curriculum of Technical and Digital Art History via the special case history of color.
Sawyer Seminar: Transmission, Containment & Transformation The Department of Art History in collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts has been awarded $225,000 by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support a Sawyer Seminar – structured in relation to two main themes: Transmission (Encounter) and Containment (Quarantine) – during Fall 2021–Spring 2022.
Seeing Constable’s Clouds Development of computational methods to analyze formal details in paintings, focusing on cloud studies by John Constable and his emulators, documentary photographs, and fine art photographs.
Maya Christian Churches in Early Modern Yucatán This multidisciplinary project analyzes religious murals painted by Christianized Maya artists in Yucatán, Mexico, between 1550 and 1750.
Smart Materials and Buildings The goal of the project is to use new technologies to support context-sensitive, responsive, or smart design at different scales.
Mass Customization and Grammar Studies The goal of this project is to develop the tools to support the mass customization of housing, work spaces, and daily use objects by addressing both the grammatical analysis of existing building and object types, as well as the development of design systems encoding new types.
LSD – Augmented Reality The L.S.D. project uses augmented reality in the densely populated space of the 14th St./Union Square station in the New York City subway system. In this high traffic area the idea was to launch three dimensional augmented reality spores (design inspiration from the work of Earnst Haeckel) throughout the station and allow people to react to them.
A Web App for Urban Pollinator Site Assessment This project presents a new web-based planting design tool for assessing urban pollinator habitat quality and resiliency.