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Marina Bellizzi

  • Clinical Lecturer, Scenic Art

Elizabeth Bonjean

  • Assistant Teaching Professor, Theatre Studies

Steve Broadnax

  • Head, MFA Acting
  • Associate Artistic Director for Outreach

Darren Cohen

  • Associate Professor, Musical Theatre (Musical Direction)

Curtis Craig

  • Associate Professor of Sound Design

Kris Danford

  • Associate Professor of Voice and Speech

William Doan

  • Professor, School of Theatre

Charlene Gross

  • Associate Professor, Costume Design

Andrew Haag

  • Video and Media Design

Ashley Hungerford

  • Clinical Lecturer, Theatre
  • Associate Technical Director

Kyle Jensen

  • Sound Supervisor, Theatre
  • Sound Supervisor, Centre Stage

Erik Johnson

  • Acting and Movement

David Kersnar

  • Professor of Practice in Theatre

Ben Kiley

  • Lecturer, Music Director

Jenny Lamb

  • Assistant Teaching Professor in Theatre, Movement

Jenny Lang

  • Assistant Professor
  • Head of Stage Management

Jay Lasnik

  • Props Department Supervisor

Rick Lombardo

  • Director, School of Theatre
  • Producing Artistic Director, Penn State Centre Stage

Rebecca Maciejczyk

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Dance

Christine O'Grady Roberts

  • Assistant Professor in Theatre, Directing

Sam Osheroff

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Theatre

Milagros Ponce De Leon

  • Head, B.F.A. Design and Technology
  • Associate Professor of Scenic Design

Allegra Ritchie

  • Assistant Teaching Professor in Theatre, Voice and Speech

Dan Robinson

  • Associate Director for Academics, Head - Design and Production Programs

Laura Robinson

  • Costume Design and Technology

Laurencio Ruiz

  • Lecturer in Theatre, Design

Chris Russo

  • Assistant Teaching Professor, Technical Director

Raymond Sage

  • Associate Professor, Voice

Gabriella Sam

  • Musical Theatre Voice

Rob Schneider

  • Assistant Teaching Professor

Susan Schulman

  • Professor Emeritus of Theatre

Christian Specht

  • Clinical Assistant Professor, Lighting
  • Lighting Supervisor

Katie Travis

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Voice

Gwendolyn Walker

  • Assistant Professor, School of Theatre; Voice for Musical Theatre

Malcolm Womack

  • Assistant Teaching Professor

Samuel Yates

  • Assistant Professor, Theatre Studies