Sharon Hoover

  • Analysis and Planning Consultant
  • Data Analysis

  • Data Set Creation + Manipulation

  • Data Visualization

  • SPSS, Excel, Access, Power BI

  • Strategic Planning

Sharon Hoover


As the Planning and Analysis Consultant for the college, Sharon provides the data, support, and guidance in interpreting and utilizing the data and reports generated to assist college and unit leadership in making data informed decisions related to budget planning, strategic planning, and general business operations.

Sharon is the point person for the college strategic plan and activity insight. She also helps to coordinate assessment reporting to the university.

With a license in Qualtrics, Sharon creates and reports all college-level surveys including the senior exit survey, faculty candidate reviews, faculty council/faculty senate elections, etc. She also works with the Strategic Arts Alumni Project to coordinate dissemination of their alumni survey reports.

College offices and units consult with Sharon on issues regarding data collection and management. She also serves as a resource, writing ad hoc queries and/or performing data analysis to assist with accreditation reporting and other various projects within the units.