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Stuckeman School

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The Stuckeman School, which houses undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic design, prepares the designers of tomorrow to shape the world in which we live through thoughtful, collaborative, and forward-thinking design solutions that impact virtually every aspect of our lives.

Each of these programs – including professional and research-focused courses of study – is taught by leaders and designed to produce leaders, and consistently high national rankings and job placement rates attest to the success of our programs and graduates. The Stuckeman School is not just a design school – it’s an incubator of ideas, a place to problem-solve, and the next step in your design education.

Creativity, excellence, and inclusion in the Stuckeman School

In the Stuckeman School, we know that creativity and innovation are multiplied exponentially through a diversity of perspectives. Our school is a learning and research community devoted to design solutions for the physical, environmental, and cultural challenges of contemporary society. We value learning and working experiences that are inclusive and equitable in serving all people, regardless of gender, race, ability, sexuality, national origin, citizenship status, religion, or socioeconomic standing. In the Stuckeman School, we strive to build a culture of excellence and inclusion where our students and faculty feel a deep sense of pride, passion, and belonging.


Stuckeman School
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Chingwen Cheng
Stuckeman School Director

Jamie Behers
Business Operations Manager, Stuckeman School

Stuckeman School Newsletter Archive

“Traditional building materials and construction practices are unsustainable. There has been interest in the design and architecture community to use mycelium-based composites because of their sustainable futures — they can be grown on agricultural, organic agricultural, waste and at the end of their life cycle, they are completely biodegradable.”

Benay Gursoy Toykoç Assistant Professor of Architecture

Alumni Spotlight

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alumni spotlight

“A well-rounded M.L.A. program, solid mentorship, and a generous scholarship to support fieldwork in India sparked my interest in research and eventually drew me to academia.”

Priyam Das is an associate professor and chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa. She studies water governance in the global South, focusing on problems of inequality, poverty, and disenfranchisement. Other research interests include urban form and resilient design.
The base of the MycoKnit showing the yarn-knitted textiles on which mycelium-based composites will grow.

Join the Stuckeman Industry Partner Program

The collaboration between higher education and industry, practitioners, and foundations is a leading force in developing innovations that can be quickly assimilated into practices that result in real impact.

Our Industry Partners help advance the Stuckeman School’s Mission of preparing the designers of tomorrow to shape the world in which we live.

Stuckeman Advisory Board

The Stuckeman Advisory Board is an aspirational group that assists the school in understanding what is important and/or emerging in our design professions, thereby helping to guide our future.

Faculty Spotlight

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Huiwon Lim

Assistant Professor of Graphic Design

Huiwon Lim's interests lie in visual communications, environmental graphic design, brand experience, human-computer interaction, user experience design, visualizing information, and exhibition design. His collaboration with Yongyeon Cho, assistant professor of interior design at Iowa State, on the design of a shared office in the post-COVID-19 workplace was selected as a winner in Work Design magazine’s Next Work Environment Competition.

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