Hours: Monday–Friday: 9:00am –9:50pm Saturday/Sunday: 1:00pm–5:00pm and 6:00pm–9:50pm

Architecture student working on a section of a structural wall.

The Stuckeman Shop – primarily supporting architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic design students – provides an excellent opportunity for motivated students to develop their ideas and transform drawings into three-dimensional objects.

The Stuckeman School employs two full-time staff members (both accomplished wood workers) whose primary objective is to provide students with help and advice on the best ways to safely realize their designs. The Shop staff also strives to provide a safe, clean working environment with well-maintained machinery and adequate bench space.

Our machines and workbenches are housed in room 13 Stuckeman Family Building. A central dust collection unit is connected to the stationary machinery and two down draft tables are available for sanding operations.

Facility Information

Building the future...

...from delicate architectural models of exacting detail, through large-scale wood, metal, and digital fabrications. Work here!