Technical line drawing of building, showing numerous internal architectural spaces.
Visibility graph analysis of structure floorplan with a node analysis visualization of different space types.

Architecture Research Cluster

The Culture, Society, Space research cluster examines how built spaces – from the artifact to the urban – affect those who interact with them and, conversely, how cultural, societal and disciplinary values shape the spaces we create.

Projects can address individual buildings, public spaces, communities, or cities, as well as typological, institutional, and wider forms of inquiry. Research methods include formal, theoretical, historic/historiographical, sociological, and systemic analyses. Studies may focus on spaces and ideas as forms of cultural expression, the people who produce and use them, and/or the ideological forces in which they operate, including all aspects of their sustainability.


Core Faculty

Peter Aeschbacher

  • Associate Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Pep Avilés

  • Associate Professor of Architecture
  • Stuckeman Career Development Professorship in Design

Cathy Braasch

  • Associate Teaching Professor of Architecture

James Cooper

  • Associate Professor of Architecture

Denise Costanzo

  • Associate Professor of Architecture

Christine Gorby

  • Associate Professor of Architecture

Katsuhiko Muramoto

  • Associate Professor of Architecture

Nicholas Risteen

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Architecture
Overhead view of young students moving game pieces on table. A participatory design game for school design, developed by Baupiloten, Berlin.

A participatory design game for school design, developed by Baupiloten, Berlin.

Faculty Resarch

Colored floorplan and images highlighting Islamic exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum; student thesis work.

Student Publications