Amplifying opportunity

The College of Arts and Architecture and the University as a whole steward a wide range of awards and scholarships that recognize excellence, achievement, and the impact that individuals have on the Penn State, local, and global communities. Many awards also mitigate needs, and amplify opportunity by providing financial assistance.

Across all Penn State campuses, approximately 6,700 first-year students receive a University scholarship.

Arts and Architecture’s units each have a variety of scholarships, and in many cases, incoming students are automatically considered for available scholarships. Some scholarships are reserved for advanced-standing students or groups, however, the College of Arts and Architecture has been blessed with numerous supporters who have created a deep pool of scholarships for individual students.

Applications and nominations are accepted at various times throughout the year, and new funding and recognition options arise regularly. Feel free to reach out to faculty and program administrators in your academic program to learn about new and upcoming scholarships. The resources listed below are excellent starting points to explore available opportunities.

A&A Opportunity Fund

Supporting undergraduate research and creative activities. The purpose of these funds is to provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to engage in research or creative activities related to their field of study and should be planned in close consultation with a faculty mentor in the student’s major field of study and supported by the faculty mentor on the Funding Request Form.

Funding Request Form


Penn State Scholarship Facts

  • Both Pennsylvania and non-Pennsylvania residents receive equal consideration for scholarships and awards.
  • Penn State scholarships and awards comprise 9% of the available funding for undergraduate students.
  • Approximately 6,700 first-year students receive a University scholarship (all campuses).
  • 35% of first-year scholarship/award recipients are at University Park; the remaining 65% at Penn State campuses.
  • Typical Penn State scholarships/awards are between $1,500 to $7,000 per academic year.
  • Approximately 15% of first-year students receive private scholarship support.

A&A Endowments

Learn more about the endowments that provide essential support for our students, faculty, and programs. We are grateful for the generous donors who established endowments that help the College of Arts and Architecture to thrive.