Istvan Gyulovics

  • Architecture Lecturer

330 Stuckeman

Istvan Gyulovics


Ivstan Gyulovics joined the Stuckeman School’s Department of Architecture as a lecturer in July 2023. He is a practicing architect with extensive experience in teaching design studios and a keen interest towards research by design projects. Such projects are integral to the mission of his boutique office, Studio Konstella, which he has run in Budapest, Hungary, since 2015 with three former classmates from graduate school.

Materiality plays an essential role in the studio’s approach to architecture, whether working on the urban or the object (i.e., furniture, fixture) scale. The firm’s interests lie in the fine arts, such as photography, watercolor, and linocut; in craftsmanship, such as ceramics; and in furniture design. The studio regularly participates in international competitions, such as the Hungarian Architectural Museum in 2021 (honorable mention) and the Hungarian Pavilion for the Expo Milano 2015 (third place).

Gyulovics has been an adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), since 2011. His research focuses on conversion and adaptive reuse. He is interested in the possible contemporary interpretations of modernist heritage from an artistic point of view, but feels strongly that keeping and transforming our existing building stock is going to be essential for a sustainable future.

Gyulovics holds a master of architecture and a post-graduate degree in architecture from the BME.