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From architectural history to color theory workshops, to art/design trends and topics across cultures and times, research is fundamental to the study of Art History, and research is a key strength of our department.


Following is a brief overview of books, articles, and catalogues that have been produced to document research, exhibits, and courses within the Department of Art History.

Book cover, Palaces of Reason, The Royal Residencies of Bourbon Naples. A sketch of a structure and an image of ceiling architecture. Author, Robin Thomas, Department of Art History.

Palaces of Reason: The Royal Residences of Bourbon Naples

Palaces of Reason traces the fascinating history of three royal residences built outside of Naples in the eighteenth century at Capodimonte, Portici, and Caserta. Commissioned by King Charles of Bourbon and Queen Maria Amalia of Saxony, who reigned over the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, these buildings were far more than residences for the monarchs. They were designed to help reshape the economic and cultural fortunes of the realm.

Author: Robin Thomas
Publication date: 2023
Link: Penn State Press

Black and orange book cover showing people carrying signs

Verge Studies in Global Asias

A multidisciplinary journal publishing scholarship from Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, and Asian Diaspora Studies

Verge: Studies in Global Asias showcases scholarship on “Asian” topics from across the humanities and humanistic social sciences, while recognizing that the changing scope of "Asia" as a concept and method is today an object of vital critical concern. Responding to the ways in which large-scale social, cultural, and economic concepts like the world, the globe, or the universal (not to mention East Asian cousins like tianxia or datong) are reshaping the ways we think about the present, the past and the future, the journal publishes scholarship that occupies and enlarges the proximities among disciplinary and historical fields, from the ancient to the modern periods.

Editor: Chang Tan
Publication date: 2022
Link: Project MUSE – Verge: Studies in Global Asias Fall 2022, volume 8 issue 2 (

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