Building Community Vulnerability and Trust Town Hall presentation cover slide.

2024 OAE Town Hall

Building Vulnerability & Trust

Arts and Architecture All-College Town Hall, February 2024

This year’s annual OAE Town Hall (TH) theme focused on strengthening trust in our college community through developing a collective capacity for vulnerability. Referencing text from public intellectual bell hooks’ All About Love: New Visions (1999), and methodologies from professor and researcher Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead (2018), our first in-person TH gathering gave the college community an opportunity to share with each other the experience and benefits of feeling seen. Conversely, we considered the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves, our colleagues, units and departments, as well as the institution-at-large situated in Old Main. We looked at how acting on those stories without confirming them can add to negativity, cynicism and bad feelings, and we introduced ways we can take responsibility for the stories we create, question them, and turn them around as a way to connect and understand each other better.

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Fifty-four members of the A&A community attended in-person: 30 staff (55.5%), 19 Faculty (35%), 4 administrators & leadership (7.5%), and 1 student (2%). OAE Associate Dean Folayemi Wilson and Center for Performing Arts Director, and Sita Frederick facilitated the session. Marc Kepler and Jennifer Curry-Morgan provided technical and other assistance. The School of Music graciously provided the Esber Rehearsal hall for the session. Approximately half of the attendees provided feedback about their 2024 TH experience, which is below.

Post-Town Hall Survey Responses

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