Theatre Arts Production Studio (TAPS)

Hours: Open to students 24/7

Students adding a cylindrical top to a prop they created out of styrofoam.

The Theatre Arts Production Studio (TAPS) features a large, state-of-the-art equipped scenic shop with adjacent properties shop and scenic paint studio.

The costume shops, located in the Theatre and Production Studios (TAPS), include a main shop, where cutting and fitting is done, a millinery room, laundry and dying facilities, and a costume collection that exceeds a two-story warehouse-sized room. These shops are used as classrooms for graduate students and the undergraduate Theatre 160 costume crafts class, as well as for Pennsylvania Centre Stage productions. The costume shops and TAPS are located in the Academic Activities Building, which also houses the scene shops and light labs.

Students bring their talent to life.

Sets and costumes, sketches and stages. The magic starts here.