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Students present their final projects for William Kenyon's Lighting Design course.

The Penn State School of Theatre Lighting Lab is one of the most advanced and well-equipped labs of its kind in the country. Seating 25, with ADA access, the Light Lab serves as the primary classroom, lab, and research facility for the School of Theatreā€™s Lighting Design concentration.

The lab is equipped with a 19ā€™ x 19ā€™ flying truss grid, mobile truss booms, a ground row and an FOH position. There are traveller tracks with a cyc, a scrim, and a drop, along with a fixed RP screen. The system is controlled by an ETC ION with a fader wing, running a 48-Dimmer ETC Rack.

Thanks to a generous donation by ETC, the lab is equipped with a significant inventory of incandescent and LED Lekos and Pars, along with a stock of other incandescent fixtures representing the inventories found in our other theatres. Other resources include a system of Wybron CXI Color Scrollers, 2 Vari*Lite VL3000s, 2 Vari*Lite VL2500s, 3 Vari*Lite VL1000s, a complete stock of gel, a sound system, and a Lex PowerGate 100A 3phase Distro.

Other consoles and equipment are available for special projects as needed. Equipment demos and training sessions are often provided by visiting manufacturers, and beta-testing is available to anyone, with a full suite of electrical, intensity, and spectrometry testing possible.

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The Theatre lighting lab is a premier facility nation-wide, boasting a fantastic array of leading-edge professional equipment.