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Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
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Stuckeman Shop

Architecture student working on a section of a structural wall.

The Stuckeman Shop – primarily supporting architecture, landscape architecture, and graphic design students – provides an excellent opportunity for motivated students to develop their ideas and transform drawings into three-dimensional objects.

The Stuckeman School employs two full-time staff members (both accomplished wood workers) whose primary objective is to provide students with help and advice on the best ways to safely realize their designs. The Shop staff also strives to provide a safe, clean working environment with well-maintained machinery and adequate bench space.

Our machines and workbenches are housed in room 13 Stuckeman Family Building. A central dust collection unit is connected to the stationary machinery and two down draft tables are available for sanding operations.


013 Stuckeman Family Building

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Monday–Friday: 9:00am –9:50pm
Saturday/Sunday: 1:00pm–5:00pm and 6:00pm–9:50pm

Facility Information

Shop Staff

Shop Supervisor Allan Sutley is a 1995 Penn State graduate with a B.F.A. in sculpture. His experiences while a student working in Penn State’s Art Shop have given him insight into the student perspective and the desire to operate the shop in a way that maximizes learning opportunities.

Technician Steve White brings a wealth of real world experience to the shop. He draws on his years in business as a custom carver with a bit of boat building and gunsmith experience as well, to advise students on methods of making. Steve has also worked for many years as the east coast service representative for Precix (the manufacturer of our CNC router) trouble shooting and installing CNC equipment.

Part-time Technician John Orland graduated from The College For Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan With a BFA in Furniture Design/Build. And has recently completed a nine month Fine Woodworking Program at College of the Redwoods in Fort Bragg, California.

Safety + Training

All students must attend a shop safety orientation before they are allowed to use the shop facilities. Students are given an eighteen-page, illustrated safety manual (theirs to keep) that covers Model Shop rules and procedures, general shop safety, and safe operating instructions for specific machines. During the orientation, the manual is explained in detail and proper techniques are demonstrated. Immediately following the safety orientation, we assign a training exercise (one-week duration). Each student is given detailed instructions and materials to make a small box. The design of the box requires the use of many different machines. After the students have completed their box and passed a written test, they are allowed to use the shop to realize their own designs. At least one member of the shop staff is available for help and consultation anytime the shop is open.

Machinery + Tools

Wood Working

Delta DC-580 20” – model 22-450
Grizzly 15” – model G0453PX

Grizzly 16” with spiral cutter head model G9953ZXF

(2) SawStop 10” – model CB 31230

(2) Delta 14” wood-cutting – model 28-280
Laguna Tools 14” – model LT14
Laguna Tools 16” re-saw – model LT16HD
(2) Laguna Tools 16”  3000 series

Dewalt 12” compound miter saw – model DW705
Original Saw Company 12” radial arm saw – model 3512
RBI Hawk 20” variable speed scroll saw – model 220 VS
Porter Cable 14” dry cut metal saw – model 1410
Safety Speed Cut, vertical panel saw – model H5

RBI 37” drum sander – model 438
Delta 6” belt and 12” disk, abrasive finishing machine – model 31-730
Powermatic 6” belt and 12” disk, abrasive finishing machine – model 31
Delta oscillating spindle sander – model 31-780
Delta 1” sander/grinder – model 31-355
Delta, oscillating edge sander – model 31-396

Delta 16 ½” variable speed – model 17-990X
Delta 15” variable speed – model 15-350, VS6
Jet 15” variable speed – model J-A5818

Nova 16” – model DVR XP, 42” between centers, 29” outboard capacity
(3) Delta Midi Lathe – model 46-250

Powermatic – model 719
Multico – model PM16

Freud – model FT3000VCE

Metal Working

42” shear
42” roller
60” brake

Digital Fabrication

Precix 3 axis CNC router with 4’ x 8’ bed, 12” Z height
Z Printer 310 plus, 3D printer
The Shop also has a wide selection of hand tools and hand-held power tools, including drills; random orbital, belt and palm sanders; routers, and jigsaws

Building the future...

...from delicate architectural models of exacting detail, through large-scale wood, metal, and digital fabrications. Work here!