Hours: 24/7 Access for students (card-swipe required after daytime hours)

SoVA student working on adding black fabric to her metal sculpture.

All sculpture students have 24-hour access to the general work areas in the School of Visual Arts Sculpture Studio. B.F.A. and M.F.A. students have personal studio spaces which are also accessible 24-hours a day. The sculpture area is adjacent to the Visual Arts Building's Wood & Metal Shop which is maintained by a staff of technicians and provides industrial-quality wood and metal fabrication facilities.

The Sculpture Studio includes:

  • private graduate and undergraduate studios
  • open work area with overhead garage door access
  • CAD equipped computer lab with digital projector
  • plaster-working area
  • wax-working area
  • ceramic shell room
  • welding and metal fabrication room
  • foundry for pouring brown and aluminum in bonded sand and ceramic shell molds
  • photo documentation area
  • gallery space for small exhibitions and/or installations
  • outdoor courtyard with work space and vehicle access

In process and in-situ

Student and alumni sculptures under construction and around campus.