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Borland Project Space

A series of screens on pedestals in the Borland Project Space showcasing videos of art and research projects

The Borland Project Space (BPS) illuminates the vibrant research culture of the College of Arts & Architecture. With this initiative we move beyond traditional notions of exhibition, performance, and scholarly programming to reveal the processes and procedures of “arts research,” which are frequently hidden from view. Here, we expand the definition of research to encompass the full range of diverse creative practices in which we engage to create new knowledge in our disciplines.

Throughout the academic year, BPS is home to several residencies during which faculty activate and utilize the space for a specific research project. These residencies are not intended to exhibit final products, but rather to present works in progress.

By placing ongoing research projects in a gallery-like setting, the Borland Project Space brings transparency to the research process in all its forms and stages. In addition, events held in conjunction with each project engage the larger community with “arts research.”


125 Borland Building

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The space is open to the public from 9 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday, throughout the academic year.

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