Close up of an architectural model made of cardboard with white Summer Camp promotional text atop.

Architecture and Landscape Architecture Summer Camp

Date & Time: July 31, 2024 from 07:30 AM - 09:30 PM

Event Sponsors: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Stuckeman School

The Stuckman School, in collaboration with Penn State Outreach, is celebrating 20 years of its the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Summer Camp from July 28 through Aug. 1 in the Stuckeman Family Building on the University Park campus.

Intended for high school students entering ninth grade through rising seniors, the camp is designed for students who are interested in architecture, landscape architecture, and the built environment. Campers can experience the design professions and the types of activities that take place in university architectural and landscape architectural studio programs – such as design drawings, physical model making, reviews, site visits and more.

Brian Peterka, assistant teaching professor of architecture, and Alec Spangler, assistant professor of landscape architecture, are leading this year’s camp efforts and will be joined by Stuckeman School architecture and landscape architecture students in taking the future designers through the program.

The camp includes an overview of the profession and practice, introduction to technology used in computer-aided drafting and modeling, a visit to a construction site, guided studio time to develop a creative solution to an architecture and landscape architecture design problem, and various lectures, films, workshops, campus tours and social activities.

“This is a great way for students interested in the design of the world around them to come together for a few days of hands-on creative production,” said Peterka. “It’s for all students — from those who may want to test out what it’s like to be in design school, to those who already know they want to explore a career in architecture and landscape architecture.”

Space for the camp is limited. Learn more and register via the Outreach website.

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