Plein Air painting

Adult Class: Introduction to Plein Air Painting

Date & Time: August 17, 2024 from 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Event Sponsors: Palmer Museum of Art

Location: Palmer Museum of Art
Other Dates: Jul 27 Aug 3 Aug 10 Aug 24

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Explore the enchanting realm of plein-air (outdoor) painting, led by local artist Sydney Turner. This six-week course at the picturesque Arboretum and Palmer Museum of Art at Penn State offers a comprehensive journey into the art of landscape painting. From mastering the basics of sketching and gathering photo references to experimenting with watercolor, gouache, and ink, participants will delve into the diverse techniques of open-air artistic expression. As part of this class, students will also enjoy private study sessions of a selection of the museum’s watercolor and gouache landscapes to inspire and admire! Whether you are a novice or an art enthusiast, this class is designed to cater to anyone new to the world of plein-air painting, requiring no prior art experience. All supplies needed during classes are provided with registration; a supply list will be provided for those interested in acquiring at-home supplies. Join us for an immersive experience!

The fee for the class is $350 or $300 for students and Arboretum/Palmer volunteers.

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