Yeonhye Park

  • Assistant Teaching Professor

308 Visual Arts Bldg

Yeonhye Park


Yeonhye Park was born in Seoul, Korea. She completed her B.F.A in Studio Arts, and B.A. in Buddhist Philosophy from Dongguk University in South Korea. Upon completing her bachelor's degree, Park received her first master's degree in Mural Painting at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. During her academic studies, she received a three-year apprenticeship to study Korean traditional art. She also earned her M.F.A in Drawing and Painting at Pennsylvania State University.

Park is interested in making art interdisciplinary by depicting the complexity of human emotions using various materials and forms through two-dimensional paintings, cut-out portraits, ceramics, sculptures, and digital methods. Her artwork has been shown in multiple exhibitions internationally in South Korea, China, and the U.S.

Collected Works