Vina (Mina) Rahimian

  • Adjunct Lecturer of Architecture
  • Generative Design

  • Machine Learning

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Design Automation

  • Generative Models

  • Shape Grammars

  • Microgrids

  • Urban Informatics

  • Smart Cities

Vina (Mina) Rahimian


Vina (Mina) Rahimian, holds a Ph.D. in Architecture from the Penn State where her research efforts lie in the intersection of computational design and sustainability. She’s a design technologist interested in technological and data-driven responses for solving wider sustainability-related issues in the built environment.

Rahimian earned her M.S. in Architecture and a graduate certification in applied statistics from Penn State. She holds a B.Arch. from the University of Tehran (Iran).

Rahimian previously served as a visiting researcher at the University of Lisbon in Portugal. She also worked as a generative design researcher at Autodesk in San Francisco and as the director of generative design at iBUILT in New York City.

Rahimian is currently working full time as a senior product manager at Outer Labs where she manages the development of several design automation and database management applications.