Taylor Shipton

  • Assistant Teaching Professor of Graphic Design

21A Borland

Taylor Shipton


Taylor Shipton is an assistant teaching professor within the Graphic Design program at Penn State. She received both her bachelor's and master's degrees in from Penn State, where she also received the Creative Achievement Award during her M.F.A. studies.

Shipton has a background in experiential design, design photography, and communication design. Her work focuses on the interactive experiences of the user, applicable to both analog and digital design environments, and how these experiences influence one’s information comprehension.

Along with instructing her students, Shipton continues her practices within her own studio, founded in 2017. Her studio specializes in experiential and communication designs, often providing content and design work for multiple departments located on Penn State’s campus. Her design work has been published in Graphis Magazine and has been featured in a number of exhibitions.

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