Nicolás Verdejo

  • Instructor in Architecture

107 Stuckeman

Nicolás Verdejo


Nicolás Verdejo is a Fulbright scholar and architecture doctoral candidate in the Stuckeman School. He is also a historian, architect, educator, and comic book artist. His work unfolds in two main lines of development.

On the one hand, his research interests explore how significant political and ideological shifts have impacted architecture education. His current study addresses how the Pinochet Dictatorship in Chile (1973-1990) and its policies affected architecture schools in the country. Verdejo’s efforts highlight archival work and oral testimonies in constructing architectural histories colliding with complex political frameworks. His latest book Cambiar de Vida (LOM, 2022), reflects how the mid-20th century political polarization in Chile determined the most significant forms of production of the Valparaiso Architecture School.

On the other hand, his graphic works explore relationships between space, politics, and humor. His illustrations, as well as more than a hundred travel sketchbooks, show a significant interest in representation both as a means of architectural production and to tell stories.

Verdejo has been a professor at various Chilean universities, and his work has been published in different countries. He also has been a design and creative consultant for international firms such as OBMI (Miami). Verdejo is also one of the editors of Hyphen, the Stuckeman School’s forthcoming journal.