Lydia Ventrelli

  • Adjunct Lecturer (ART)

306 Visual Arts Building (Back Right Studio)

Lydia Ventrelli


I am interested in status symbols, consumerism and other material conveyances of fulfillment. My past offers me a distorted lens when confronted with optimism. When I see a 'Live well, laugh often, love much' sign, I cannot help picturing it presiding over an argument about nothing, the police at the door and the kids hiding in their rooms with pillows over their ears. There are tensed muscles and downward eyes, but no tears. Where is the department store accessory for 'sick and tired'? These experiences have a way of numbing all feeling. Hide it away. Some continue to live in it. The real horror comes from moving on; the bright light of freedom causes migraines.

I want to build a 'collection' of sorts, the majority of which are responses to hurt by way of humor. Advertisements sell products by creating desire; I want to manufacture affirmations to hurt. The promise of healing holds as its target a mind free of scars. What I present is an existence decorated with the souvenirs of dread—in tasteful colors to match any home.