Loukas Kalisperis

  • Emeritus Professor of Architecture
Loukas Kalisperis


Loukas N. Kalisperis has completed research in the areas of integrating digital technology in design and digital representation and visualization techniques, which can define a framework that would allow for a shift in the use of digital media to conceptualization and exploration. He is currently involved in research for immersive environments, multimodal representation, cultural heritage visualization, and augmented representation and energy simulation. His current work investigates the manner in which the limits of human visual perception must be taken into consideration in developing worthwhile computer-representation models. Additional research topics include energy simulation in the design process and sustainable built environment in the urban fabric.

His research has resulted in numerous papers, book chapters, and presentations. He was co-chair of ACADIA '95, an international conference of the Association of Computer-Aided Design in Architecture and co-editor of the book: Computing in Design: Enabling, Capturing and Sharing Ideas. He was the co-chair of VSMM '08, an international conference on virtual reality and multiMedia, with an emphasis on cultural heritage. He has been on the scientific committees of numerous conferences and symposia on digital media in architecture and cultural heritage. He is an International Fellow of the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois. He was the recipient of the 2005 President’s Award for Excellence in Academic Integration and the 2000 Apple Distinguished Educator Award. He guest co-edited special volumes of the journals Automation in Construction and The International Journal of Architectural Computing on computer-based design aids and cultural heritage.

Kalisperis holds visiting positions in the graduate programs in architecture at the University of Brasilia, the National Technical University of Greece, and the University of Bahia. He co-founded the Immersive Environments Lab at Penn State, and is a professor at The Cyprus Institute.

Kalisperis retired from Penn State on June 30, 2020.

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