Lisa Jenkins

  • Instructor, Ethnomusicology
  • Ethnomusicology

Lisa Jenkins


Lisa Jenkins, instructor, teaches undergraduate world music. She holds a bachelor's degree from Penn State, a master's degree in musicology from the University of Michigan, and a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from the University of Michigan.

Jenkins' dissertation titled Celtic Connections: "Celticism" in Scottish Music examines Celtic music in light of the new global aesthetic and describes its impact on local culture in Scotland. Her work is based on research at the School of Scottish Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland as well as fieldwork focusing on the annual Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow.

She has taught courses in music history, world music, and folk music at University of Michigan, Harrisburg Area Community College, and Penn State. In addition, she has taught and conducted the Javanese gamelan at Bucknell University. She has presented papers at conferences in the United States and Canada, and has presented guest lectures at cultural events around Pennsylvania. Her performing experiences in world music include Highland bagpipes, bodhran, Javanese gamelan, ko-tsuzumi and taiko drumming. Further research interests include Japanese music, globalization, and folk music revivals.