Julie Romualdez

  • Adjunct Lecturer of Graphic Design
  • Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Reality

Julie Romualdez


Julie Romualdez is an adjunct faculty member within the Department of Graphic Design. In 2016, she received her Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University. Her undergraduate studies led to her research on Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) and the unique nature of the virtual landscape. Romualdez received her M.F.A. with a specialization in Graphic Design from Penn State in 2019. She teaches the online courses “Introduction to Graphic Design” and “Introduction to UX [User Experience] Design.” Currently, she is focused on streamlining AR content creation and making it more accessible, while also sharing focus on continuing to explore the limits of the virtual landscape in VR technology.

Collected Works