Huiwon Lim

  • Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator

24B Borland

Huiwon Lim


Huiwon Lim, an assistant professor in the Department of Graphic Design, possesses a robust academic foundation, holding a Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, a Master of Arts in Environmental Graphic Design, and a graduate certificate in Human-Computer Interaction from Iowa State University.

His research is centered on utilizing data visualization as an integral facet of graphic design, implementing it innovatively to foster community engagement, enhance user experience, improve human wellness, and promote sustainability awareness.

Lim’s interdisciplinary project secured recognition at the 2020 Next Work Environment Competition hosted by Work Design Magazine, highlighting his impactful contributions. Additionally, Lim was honored with the 2023 College of Arts and Architecture Sustainability Faculty Award in acknowledgment of his significant contributions.

Lim actively engages in various professional organizations, notably including the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Society for Experiential Graphic Design, the University & College Design Association, and the Data Visualization Society (DVS).

Collected Works