Elizabeth Walters

  • Associate Professor of Art History
  • Ancient Egyptian

  • Greek and Roman Art

209 Borland

Elizabeth Walters


Dr. Walters teaches courses in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art and architecture. She has also taught in Penn State's Study Abroad program in Athens. Before coming to Penn State in 1982, she was a Norbert Schimmel Fellow in Archaeology at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Her publications include Attic Grave Reliefs that Represent Women in the Dress of Isis (Hesperia Supplement XXII, Princeton: American School of Classical Studies). Her archaeological fieldwork has taken her to sites in Pakistan, Greece, and Egypt. She has done extensive research on Greek sculpture for the Agora excavations of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens (of which she is an associate member). She has an expanding interest in studying ancient religion by integrating sites, monuments, and ancient literature. Dr. Walters is currently the director of the Temple-Town Hierakonpolis Project, an archaeological project in Egypt.

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