Cristin Millett

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  • Reproductive Health

  • Human Reproduction

  • Sculpture

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Cristin Millett


Straddling traditional disciplinary boundaries, Cristin Millett’s investigations of medicine and its history are integral to her artistic process. Her toolkit of sculptural processes incorporates new advances in digital technology along with established methods of sculpture such as stone carving and bronze casting. The resulting objects and installations prompt a contemporary cultural critique of societal issues surrounding reproduction and gender identity.

Cristin was awarded a Fulbright to the University of Western Australia in 2020. For her Fulbright, she will be an artist in residence at SymbioticA, an artistic laboratory dedicated to research and hands-on engagement with the life sciences. At SymbioticA, she will study the science of ectogenesis, the augmentation or replacement of the fecund uterus by a machine. The outcome of her research will be the creation of a sculptural artwork titled Ex-Utero. Ex-Utero will prompt questions and conversations about the socio-cultural impact of ectogenesis, a science with far-reaching implications that will change the future of humanity.

Cristin’s artwork has been widely exhibited, including at the Villa Strozzi, Florence; the International Museum of Surgical Science, Chicago; the Exploratorium, San Francisco; and the Mütter Museum, Philadelphia. She is an Embedded Faculty Researcher in the Arts + Design Research Incubator and a Professor of Art in the School of Visual Arts at Penn State.

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