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Theatre, B.F.A.

B.F.A. in Theatre

Options: Design and Technology or Stage Management

Design your future. Own the experience.

Behind any successful theatrical production or live performance event is a production team with the artistic drive to envision it and the technical skills to make it a reality. The B.F.A. program in Theatre Design, Technology and Management at Penn State offers two program options: Design and Technology and Stage Management. Students choose their program option, and both provide leading-edge professional training so that you can develop the skills to succeed in fast-paced production environments.

Classes in Theatre Design, Technology and Management are taught by award winning faculty currently working in the industry and up to date with the latest technology and the best practices in the profession.

During your time at Penn State you will have endless opportunities to explore every aspect of theatre production both in the classroom and on stage, and you will be given the tools and the training to meet your potential and excel as a professional in your chosen field.

Theatre student sitting behinds a technical control board in the Penn State TAPS facility.

Earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre at Penn State

Are you ready to design your future? We are here to help you succeed.

Theatre Design, Technology and Management students at Penn State have access to state-of-the-art facilities where they will gain hands-on experience in every aspect of theatre design and production.

Students can choose the Design & Technology option or the Stage Management* option in this degree. Within the Design & Technology option, students may specialize in costume, lighting, scenic design, sound design or technical direction. Education in each area is led by world-class faculty with extensive experience in the industry and a deep understanding of evolving aspects of the profession.

Students in the Stage Management* option will take a full range of classes in every area of production including acting, design, music fundamentals and directing, and through classwork and hands-on experiences become excellent collaborators, outstanding managers and effective leaders.

In addition to the exceptional Penn State general education curriculum, B.F.A. students in Theatre Design, Technology and Management will handle challenging production assignments and exciting design opportunities which are a fundamental component of their educational experience in our programs.

Degree Options

The B.F.A. Program in Theatre Design, Technology and Management will prepare you to enter the professional world and shape the future of theatre production or live performance. We invite you to explore our two-degree options:

Next Steps

Is a B.F.A. in Theatre a good fit for you?

The Design, Technology and Management program at Penn State is a highly respected incubator for theatre design and technology professionals and stage managers with the skills to succeed in today’s job market.

Our program has one of the largest student chapters of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT). Students can attend the Institute’s annual conference, where industry leaders gather to shape the future of the field and where students can network with other professionals and a large network of successful Penn State School of Theatre alumni.

Students working toward a B.F.A. degree in Theatre Design, Technology and Management will benefit from small class sizes and specialized one-to-one training from our revered faculty. Our programs offer outstanding preparation, individualized mentorship, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration.

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See it in 360º

Welcome to our studios and spaces! Each of these 360º views is a portal of sorts into the learning, performance, and design spaces in the School of Theatre!

You can click-and-drag to control the view in the frame, and there are embedded ‘links’ within the viewer that enable you to move among physical locations. By clicking the arrow icon at the footer of the viewer window, you can access the tour navigation menu, including the full screen (and you really should check these out full screen).

Considering the B.F.A. in Theatre at Penn State? Consider this.

Our alumni work in every area of theatre and live entertainment design, production, and management across the country.

  • Learn from world-class faculty with extensive industry experience.
  • From the start, you’ll get hands-on experience in state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Get involved in Penn State’s active student chapter of USITT.

Alumni Spotlight

Headshot of

alumni spotlight

Emily Akers

“My training at Penn State has helped me get to where I am today. I am back in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY working for a community Ed tech startup working as a community coordinator and digital content strategist. I would not have gotten here if it weren’t for the amazing mentors and faculty I had within the School of Theatre. Whether you plan on pursuing a career on stage or off, the professors you will work with are happy to help you find ways to flourish.”