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Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
Penn State College of Arts and Architecture
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Students listen intently during the Gabe Kean lecture

Academic Tools + Resources

  • LionPATH
    LionPATH is Penn State’s course scheduling, billing, student account management portal. This is where you will build your course schedule, pay bills, access degree audits, and more. To get help and access LionPATH FAQs, visit the LionPATH support website.
  • Remote Learning Website
    This website will serve as the hub of information for Penn State students who have questions about how the outbreak will affect continued studies. Please review the following frequently asked questions and answers about transitioning from the classroom to remote learning.
  • DUS Success
    Penn State’s Division of Undergraduate Studies has crafted an amazing resource to help you troubleshoot a wide variety of concerns – motivation, technology, finances, study skills, and others – and provides tools and resources to help you achieve academic success.

Academic Support

Have a question about courses? Need help scheduling? Are you trying to cope with a hardship? Just looking for some ideas about wellness practices or cool student groups? A&A’s advising team is your first resource, and Starfish is the way to start a chat, send a message, or schedule an appointment.

Connect on Starfish

Connect with your advisers, schedule meetings, and more. Starfish is a key to succeeding in your academic endeavors, so, if you have any questions, visit the Starfish Success Resource website, otherwise follow the link below to connect with us.

Login to Starfish

Undergraduate Academic Advising Team

Kyrie Harding

A&A Director of Advising
College-wide + Integrative Arts

Kyrie Harding, 104 Borland,
Connect on Starfish

Liz Agler

Art History + School of Visual Arts

Liz Agler, 104 Borland,

Margaret Higgins

School of Music + School of Theatre

Margaret Higgins, 104 Borland,

Sarah Watson

Stuckeman School: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design

Sarah Watson, 121 Stuckeman,

Nate Schierman

Stuckeman School: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Graphic Design

Nate Schierman, 121 Stuckeman, 814-865-9658,, Connect on Starfish

Health + Wellness

Supporting the health, well-being of all students is a critical goal of Penn State. From broad-based medical healthcare services through extensive counseling and wellness resources and programing, the College of Arts and Architecture and the University engage in a holistic wellness approach.

Below are a wide array of resources – we encourage all students to explore these services and tools not just in times of crisis, but preemptively and ongoingly to maintain and improve physical and mental wellness.

Health + Wellness Resources

  • University Health Services (UHS)
    UHS is your comprehensive on-campus health care resource, specializing in outpatient student health including the treatment of medically urgent problems and ongoing health concerns. UHS provides preventative care, education, and resources to help students live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Health and Wellness during COVID-19
    Taking care of your health and wellness during the COVID 19 outbreak.
  • Mindful Making Self-Care Toolkit (PDF)
    Activities in this guide focus on mindful making, mindful breathing, and mindful movement all aimed at helping you care for yourself during times of heightened stress and uncertainty.
  • Well-being, personalized for You
    Navigate your time and experiences at Penn State. Create a confidential profile to discover hundreds of personalized tips and resources to tackle your academics, career path, stress and social life. Explore. Connect. Repeat.
  • Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)
    CAPS provides group and individual counseling, crisis intervention, and psychological and psychiatric evaluations for undergraduate and graduate students as well as prevention and consultation services for the University community.
  • CAPS Chat
    CAPS Chat provides informal, drop-in consultation for students with counselors from Penn State Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Sessions are free and no appointment is necessary. Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis and meetings are no longer than 30 minutes.
  • Life Hacks with CAPS
    Free, drop-in gatherings focused on improving quality of life. Open to all enrolled Penn State students. No appointment is necessary.
  • Student Guide to Public Assistance Programs
    Penn State’s Student Insurance Advocate is now offering a new guide to public assistance to aid under-resourced students during this time. You will find a list of resources for in-state and out-of-state needs, such as: healthcare/medical assistance, SNAP (formerly food stamps) assistance, cash assistance, housing and utilities assistance, and more!
An array of students lying peacefully on the floor participating in a Zen Den Mindfulness exercise.

Professional Development + Careers

“To get a job.” That’s the over-short, but often-stated reason for why you go to school. Obviously there’s much, much more than that – the friends, learning, personal growth, artistic advancement, and a host of other rewards and opportunities are far greater than just getting that job, but, quite seriously, getting a job is an important piece of life’s puzzle for most students, and a Penn State education is a huge asset when you go looking for employment.

Penn State is a powerhouse school, recognized for its serious academic reputation. Penn State also boasts a staggeringly large and active alumni organization. And Arts and Architecture has a team of advisers who can help you explore career paths, set up internships, connect with mentors, and chase your ideal job.

Student Success Team

Curt Marshall

Multicultural Programs + Recruitment
Student Engagement + Career Strategies

Curt Marshall, 104 Borland,

Ross Weinreb

Stuckeman School Career Adviser

Ross Weinreb, 121 Stuckeman,

An alumni mentor and student sitting and talking during an A&A mentor lunch event.

Career Exploration Resources

  • – Career Intelligence
    Find out what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession, and how to position yourself to start, advance, or change your career. Login with your Penn State email to receive access link.
  • What Can I Do with this Major?
    Your education at Penn State can open the door to endless opportunities. Access the “What Can I Do With This Major” online resource from the Penn State Student Affairs website to help connect your studies to potential career paths.
  • LionLink – Penn State Alumni Connections
    Powering career connections among Penn State alumni and students. Get networking!

Career/Internship Opportunities

  • Nittany Lion Careers
    The official Penn State job/internship site. Every day there are at least 10,000 jobs from 3,500 employers listed here – just for Penn State students. Looking for a job, start here.
    An ‘Action Without Borders’ website resource for discovering ethical jobs, internships, and volunteering opportunities. Connect with employers, mutual aid groups, schools, and other students.
    Catchafire strengthens the social good sector by matching professionals who want to donate their time with nonprofits who need their skills.
  • USA Jobs
    Federal government job opportunities website, including Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Veteran, and Civil Service positions.
  • Stuckeman School Career Day
    The Stuckeman School Career Day is a vibrant event that enables professional firms to interact directly with the School’s award-winning students.
Five students posing in a photo booth at a start-of-semester welcome back event in the Stuckeman School.

Diversity, Equity + Inclusion

The College of Arts and Architecture is fundamentally aligned with promoting diversity and opposing racism. We are listening and learning, crafting and composing, performing, designing, singing, acting, and acting up.

The arts and design disciplines should be a safe space for all to be valued, cherished, and protected. We want our faculty, staff, and students to join together to pursue that goal.

Visit Arts and Architecture’s Access + Equity pages