Masters and Doctoral Publications

Scholarship at Penn State in the field of Art Education is cutting-edge and current. It also boasts a deep history of engagement with critical topics and scholarship surrounding pedagogy, identity, and the arts. We encourage you to peruse and explore the writings of these School of Visual Arts scholars.

NameYearDegreeDissertation/Thesis Title
Elham Hajesmaeili 2023 Ph.D. A Feminist Arts-based Research Methodology: Augmented Reality (AR) Portrait Painting in Dialogue
Diane Elizabeth (Izzy) Healey 2023 Ph.D. Replacing White Noise Through Seeing, Sustaining & Resisting: Listening to Hear the Voices of 2nd Generation Latino/a/x Immigrants in a Digital Storytelling Workshop
Leaym-Fernandez, Melissa2022Ph.D.A Study of How Three Women Find Empowerment Through Art After Adverse Childhood Experiences
Esola, Lindsay2022Ph.D.The Effects of Experiential Learning Process in Art on Creative Thinking among Preservice Education Majors: A Systematic Literature Review
Choi, Eunjung2022Ph.D.The Chronotope: Performing the Novelized Museum
Cornwall, Jeffrey2022Ph.D.The third-grade classroom is leaking: Children, affect, and the mundane
Stetz, Lauren2022Ph.D.Transnational Feminist Data Visualization Mapping of Artists’ Responses to Violence Against Women
Tredinnick-Kirby, Zena2022Ph.D.A Feminist Teaching Art Residency (In)Formed by an Ethics of Care
Meeken, Luke2022Ph.D.Critically Drafting Digital Places: Cultivating Critical Sensitivities to Unsettle Settler Sentiments of Digital Place
Zúñiga, Xalli2022Ph.D.Drawing Fungal Care: A Latina/x Approach Toward Remediating Gaia’s Symbiopoietic Homeokinesis in Response to the Metabolic Rift
Altuntas Nott, Ilayda2021Ph.D.Pedagogy of Sounding: Tuning in Art Education
Bailey, Indira2020Ph.D.A Black Feminist Narrative Inquiry of the Outsider-Within Positionality of Black Women K-12 Art Educators
Borgman, Chelsea2020M.S.Transforming Self After the Loss of a Mother as a Young Girl: Feminist Grief Guidance Through Art
Gu, Min2020Ph.D.The Pedagogy of Waiting: Rethinking Art Education with Disability
Shayan,Tahmina2020M.S.Dwelling midst complexities: A qualitative case study of the middle curriculum of a Reggio Emilia inspired school
Sotomayor, Leslie2020Ph.D.Curating Educational Spaces with Autohistoria-teoría and Conocimiento: A Decolonial Feminist Teacher Inquiry
Taudien, Rebecca Brittain2020Ph.D.“Look at My Leaves!”: Young Children’s Artistic Entanglements with the Natural World
Wallace, Anya Michelle2019Ph.D.Curving Spacetime: On Performance, Pleasure, and the Imaginary Black Girl Childhood Sexual Politics
Hicks, Veronica2018Ph.D.Exceptional Sistahood: Implications of Representing Identity in Comics for Collaborative Art Education Practices Among Women Students and Teachers of Color with Disabilities
Kiser, Kathleen Anne2018Ph.D.Art Integration: Exploring a Transdiscplinary Practice in Rural Art Education
Abu Bakr, Sarah W2018Ph.D.Strange/rs Together: Arab Women Art, Displacement, and Narrative
Shoppell, Samantha J2018MasterThe Art of Learning Tea: Embodied Teaching and Learning Practices in the Intercultural Context of the Tea Institute at Penn State
Lai, Chi Ping2018MasterUnderstanding Design through Deconstructing Curriculum: A Comparative Study of Visual Arts Programs at the Pennsylvania State University and Pratt Institute
Krempa, Jennifer Katherine2017MasterRe-imaging and Re-imagining Curriculum Through the Theater Rehearsal Process
Pilato, Natalia Claire2016Ph.D.A Painted Conversation: Narrative Inquiries in Community Based Art
Park, Hayon2016MasterCollaborative researchers: Young children’s emergent play in the art studio
Hanawalt, Christina Ann2016Ph.D.Collage as Critical Practice: Mapping New Art Teacher Experiences within Contemporary Assemblages of Education
Mock, Madison Lauren2016MasterCross disciplinary instruction through art: a qualitative study of attitude, perceptions and experiences of middle school teachers
Lin, Yen-ju2016Ph.D.Designing with Information and Communications Technology for Event Potentials in an Art Museum Context
Sapelly, Laura Elizabeth2016Ph.D.Pedagogies of Historical and Contemporary American Sewing Circles
Didio, Lindsay M2016MasterTeaching Visual Media Literacy: An Examination of High School Students in Rural Vermont – Visual Imagery and Filmmaking
Kee, J. Celeste2016Ph.D.Unpacking Post-Katrina Student Identities Through Arts-Based Inquiry
Sotomayor, Leslie C2015MasterA Feminist Curatorial Art Practice Collaborative Exhibit with Cuban and Cuban-american Artists
Lewis, Lillian Louise2015Ph.D.Digital Photography, Social Media, Art Museums, and Learning
Kirker, Jessica Lynne2015Ph.D.Drawing from Discourse: Autoethnographic Reflections of Race, Gender, and the Practice of Teaching Art
Coombs, Alison Katherine2015MasterGetting Lost in Affective Landscapes of Listening: Being There with Children Through Art, Adventure Play and Playwork
Kim, Junghyun2015Ph.D.Home Drawing Events: A Case Study of a Boy and His Dragons
Holt, Ann Elisabeth2015Ph.D.User Experience with Archives and Feminist Teaching Conversations with The Judy Chicago Art Education Collection
Cheng, Ju-chun2014Ph.D.Finding The Museum: The Spatial Discontinuities of The Mattress Factory Art Museum
Nolte, Samantha Thomas2014Ph.D.Teaching as Wayfaring: Ethnographic Maps of Place and Art Teacher Induction
Gomboc-turyan, Julie Lynne2014MasterThe Museum Experience as Interpreted by Docents at the Centre Furnace Mansion
Bloom, Amy Lee2014Ph.D.Three Codes: A Collaged Analysis of Dress Codes and Art Class Assessments in a U.s. High School
Grant, Alphonso Walter2013MasterA Critical Exploration of The Boondocks For Art Education: A Philosophical Interpretation Of Black Visual Culture Through The Lens Of Double Consciousness
Koh, Hongkyu2013Ph.D.Art Critiques And Ecological Perspectives Of Contextuality, Equity, And Harmony: Recommendations For Korean Art Education
Motter, Jennifer L.2012Ph.D.Feminist Art Curriculum: Politicizing the Personal via Cyberpost Activism
Hughes, Heather Bette2012Ph.D.Cybernetic Cultural Art Education: A Framework For Understanding Activity In An Art-Based Networked Public
March, Laura2012MasterMemes to an end: An analysis of online activist art from the Penn State Blue Out movement to end child abuse
Slivka, Kevin Robert2012Ph.D.Ojibwe Arts Relationships: Traversing Cultural Emplacements
Meier, Mary Elizabeth2012Ph.D.“Shifts in Thinking” in Arts Teachers’ Narratives: Documentation as Inquiry and Artifact
Schulte, Christopher Mark2012Ph.D.Being There and Becoming-unfaithful with Children Through Art: Deleuzoguattarian Embodiment, Subjectivity, and the Production of Difference
Jung, Yuha2012Ph.D.Building Strong Bridges between the Museum and Its Community: An Ethnographic Understanding of the Culture and Systems of One Community’s Art Museum
Kim, Hyunsu2012Ph.D.Communicative Aspects Of Children’s Art Making: an Examination Of The Dialogic In Children’s Visual Arts
Motter, Jennifer L2012Ph.D.Feminist Art Curriculum: Politicizing the Personal via Cyberpost Activism
Chang, Wei-Chung2011Ph.D.A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Three Women in the 3D Animation Industry:Using Self-determination Theory to Understand Socio-cultural Influences on Concepts of Success and Motivation
Lee, Min Jung2011Ph.D.Aesthetic Education for Children:Public/In-Between Space, Happiness and Identity
Liao, Christine Ling-Yin2011Ph.D.Avatar Re/Assembling as Art-Making, Knowledge-Making, and Self-Making
Patton, Ryan Matthew2011Ph.D.Games as Artistic Medium: Interfacing Complexity Theory in Game-Based Art Pedagogy
Pérez Miles, Adetty R.2011Ph.D.Dialogic Encounters: The School of Panamerican Unrest
Sunday, Kristine Emeir2011Ph.D.A Portrait of Santa Claus: An Epistemological Inquiry of Belief and Disbelief
Leveston, Danielle Michelle2011Master“Wow! I Didn’t Even Know Black Artists Existed!” Advocating for Black Students in the Visual Arts through Autoethnography
Sunday, Kristine Emeir2011Ph.D.A portrait of Santa Claus: An epistemological inquiry of belief and disbelief
Lucero, Jorge R2011Ph.D.Ways of being: Conceptual art modes-of-operation for pedagogy as contemporary art practice
Choi, Sung Hee2010Ph.D.Making the Negotiation between Narratives of Museums and a Visitor: Empowering a Visitor through Narrative-Making
Kletchka, Dana C2010Ph.D.Nice Girls, Left-Wing Ladies, and Merry Bands: A New generation of Art Museum Educators in the 1970s
McComb, Camilla L2010Ph.D.Think, Record, Reveal: Studio Process Assessment and the Artistic Thinking it Reveals
Weaver, Victoria Valerie2010Ph.D.Wampum as Social Practice
Wolf, Mary2010Ph.D.A Narrative Inqiry into the Construction of Community in a Sixth Grade Art Class
Wu, Dai-Rong2010Ph.D.Supermarket as a Site of Spectacul-Art Pedagogy
Butler, Allison Jane2010MasterA Case Study of Body Image and Aspirational Identity in Girlhood
Kim, Minam2009Ph.D.Socialization of Children’s Visual Expressions: The Socio-Cultural Meaning and Function of Korean Child’s Depiction of Negative Emotions in Drawings
Kredell, Renee2009Ph.D.Performance Art as a Critical Pedagogy
LaJevic, Lisa M2009Ph.D.Arts Integration: An Exploration of the Dis/Connect Between Poicy and Live (d) Practice
Hsieh, Kevin2008Ph.D.Art Museum Teacher Education and Participants’ Needs: A Case Study Evaluating the VAST (Visual Arts as Resources for Teaching) Program at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
James, Kathy Lynn2008Ph.D.Rethinking Art Education of Older Adults: An Ethnographic Study of the University of the Third Age
Li, Yujie Julia2008In/From the Art of Wenda Gu and Trinh T. Minh-Ha, toward a Transnational Model of Art Education
McClure, Marissa Ann2008Ph.D.Building Theories: Play, Making, and Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhood Art Education
Tillander, Michelle D.2008Ph.D.Cultural Interface as an Approach to New Media Art Education
Bey, Sharif2007Ph.D.Aaron Douglas and Hale Woodruff: The Social Responsibility and Expanded Pedagogy of the Black Artist
Chen, Chiu-Jhin2007Ph.D.Family Photographs, History, and art Education: A Web of Taiwanese Visual Culture Signs
Hsiao, Hui-Chun2007Ph.D.The Sims 2: Reflective Learning and Identity Construction
Morales, Teresa2007Ph.D.Colliding Sensibilities: Exhibition Development and the Pedagogy of Period Room Interpretation
Sindhuphak, Apisak2006Ph.D.Digital Materials Library: Thai Indigenous Materials and Cultural Perspectives in Thailand’s Design Education
Aman, Ronald2005Ph.D.It’s All About Love:Gert McMullin and the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt
Chuang, Chia-Chi2005Ph.D.A Case Study of Teaching Approach(es) in a College Level Photography Appreciation Course in Taiwan
Hiuni, Dahn2005Ph.D.Performing Identity: The Politics and Pedagogy of Witnessing the Self
Jaksch, Marla2005Ph.D.Exhibiting Subjectivity: Feminist Pedagogy and Visual Culture
Washington, Garnell E.2005Ph.D.Queering Ourselves: Performance as a Site for Learning
Sohn, Jihyun2004Ph.D.Web-enhance Art Education: Constructing Critical Interpretatons of Visual Culture in Preservice Art Education
Sweeny, Robert2004Ph.D.‘Net_Work_Ed: Simulated Bodies and Objects Intertwined in Cyperplaces and Art Educational Spaces—Threads of a Critical Digital Pedagogy
Wenger, Gina2004Ph.D.What is an Authentic Assessment in Art? Student Reflections on the Visual Arts Process Diary of New South Wales, Australia
Eisenhauer, Jennifer2003Ph.D.What Is a Girl? Producing Subjects in Feminist and Visual Culture Pedagogies
Linker, James Alan2003Ph.D.Aesthetics in an Expanded Field: Towards a Performative Model of Art, Experience and Knowledge
Su, Pei-Hsuan2003Ph.D.Chinese Literati Ethos and Art Education: A Cross-Cultural Study of the Life, Poetry, Play, Painting, Pedagogy, and Scholarship of the Contemporary Literatus Joseph Chen-Ying Yen
Tavin, Kevin M.2003Ph.D.A Critical Pedagogy of Visual Culture as Art Education: Toward a Performative Inter/Hypertextual Practice
Briggs, Judith2002Ph.D.Interpreting the Frames:An Analysis of the Implementation of the New South Wales Visual Art Syllabus, Year 9
Johns, Mary Elizabeth2002Ph.D.Masquerade and Identity: Pre-Service Teachers’ Responses to Instruction Based on Contemporary Art
Lee, Ching-Fang2002Ph.D.The Museum as an Educational Entity: The Performative Transformation of Places into Spaces
Lewis, Kathryn Cascio2002Ph.D.Transforming Educational Spaces: The Development of a Conceptual Site for Education
Plumb, Susan Clarke2002Ph.D.The Challenges of Social, Political, and Economic Change: Multiple Portraits of the Uganda Museum
Richardson, John D.2002Ph.D.New Babylon: Rethinking Spatial Metaphors within the Practice of Art Education
Alnajdi, Khaled2001Ph.D.Reforming Arabic Calligraphy for Computer Art and Design in Kuwaiti Art Education
Marcikonis, Mary Frances2001Ph.D.Scars of Anthracite: A Critical Study of the Sculpture, Painting, and Drawing of Anthracite Miners of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1830-1930, and its Implications for Art Education
Reese, Elizabeth2001Ph.D.From Narrative to Narratives: Transforming Art Museum Exhibition Pedagogical Practices through Hypertextual Narratives
Chao, Huei-Ling2000Ph.D.Art, Lives, Stories: Relationships Between the Beliefs of Taiwanese Traditional and Non-traditional Secondary Preservice Art Teachers
Hartranft, Janet2000Ph.D.The Uneasy Alliance: The Relationship of Art, Artists, and Audiences in Contemporary United States
Kader, Themina2000Ph.D.Material Culture Studies and Art Education: Examining the Cultural Artifacts of the Bohra from Makaan to Masjid
Oberhardt, Suzanne2000Ph.D.Frames Within Frames: The Pedagogy of the Art Museum as Cultural Artifact
Wagner-Ott, Anna2000Ph.D.The Politics of Dolls and Action Figures
Wilson McKay, Sara2000Ph.D.Resisting Anaesthesia: Mapping Attitudes of Vision in Democratic Art Education
Jiang, Ningyu1999D.Ed.Art Censorship in Contemporary American Higher Educational Institutions: TheControversy and Its Implications
Mayer, Melinda M.1999Ph.D.Precious Minds and Precious Objects: Implications of the New Art Histories for Art Museum Education
Taylor, Pamela G.1999Ph.D.Hypertext-Based Art Education: Implications for Liberatory Learning in High School
Hoffman, Jill1998Ph.D.Issues of Education Surrounding Native American Art as Reflected within the Iroquois Indian Museum
La Porte, Angela M1998An Ethnographic Study of an Intergenerational Community Art Program in Harlem, New York City
MacDonald, Bonnie L.1998Ph.D.Here’s to You Mrs. Robinson: Representations of Sexual Initiation in Coming-Of-Age Films and How They Limit the Imaginary Domain of Youth
Sessions, Wilona P.1998Ph.D.A New Case for Clay: Multi-Dimensional High School Ceramics Education
Speirs, Peg1998Ph.D.Collapsing Distinctions: Feminist Art Education as Research, Art and Pedagogy
Gallucci, Timothy R.1997Ph.D.The Early American Salt-Glazed Stoneware Jug as Art and Artifact: A Critical Approach to Interpreting the Aesthetic Meanings and Cultural Origins of a Craft Archetype
Jackson, Timothy A1997Ph.D.Theory and Criticism of New Media
Moore, Juliet G.1997Ph.D.A Contextual Analysis of the Tradition of Art Museum Education: The Case for a New Paradigm
Yokley, Shirley H.1997Ph.D.Art, Art Education, and Critical Pedagogy: Case Studies of Elementary Education Preservice Teachers
Carpenter, Booker Stephen1996Ph.D.A Meta-Critical Analysis of Ceramics Criticism for Art Education: Toward an Interpretive Methodology
Dambekalns, Lydia1996Ph.D.Curriculum and the Collective Mind: Changing Paradigms in The Pennsylvania State University’s Department of Art Education 1960-1970
Darnell, Fred Stephen1996Ph.D.Art Education and Environment, Reading Nineteenth-Century Landscape Representation as Cultural Code and Historical Text
Gall, David A.1996Ph.D.Before and After Postmodernism, Rabindranath Tagore and Art Education in Santiniketan
Alyamy, Awad1995Ph.D.The Effect of Graphic Reenactment Art Therapy on Three Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients in Saudi Arabia
Briggs, Paul1995Ph.D.The Influence of Unitarianism on the Inclusion of Art Education in the Common Schools of Massachusetts, 1825-1870
Morris, Christine Ballengee1995Ph.D.Roots, Branches, Blossoms, and Briars: Cultural Colonialism of the Mountain Arts in West Virginia
Suplee, Barbara P.1995Ph.D.Reflections on the Barnes Foundation’s Aesthetic Theory, Philosophical Antecedents, and “Method” for Appreciation
Gilmartin, Sheila A.1994Ph.D.Feminist Spectatorship as an Analytical Tool in Critical Analysis
Green, Gaye L.1994Ph.D.The Oval Lady: A Semiotic Approach to Art Interpretation in Art Education Applied to the Work of Leonora Carrington
Otto, Gretchen M.1994Ph.D.The Cranbrook Mystique: A Historical Study of the Educational Philosophy of George Gough Booth, Founder of Cranbrook Educational Community
White, John H1994Ph.D.Truth and Community: Constructing the Cultural Self
Wilkins, Raymond G.1994Ph.D.The Contemporaneousness of the Past: Historical Reflections on Artistic Giftedness
Bumgarner, Constance1993Ph.D.Artists in the Classroom: An Analysis of the Arts in Education Program of the National Endowment for the Arts
Gaudelius, Yvonne M.1993Ph.D.Art-iculating Women’s Voices: An Exploration of Women’s Subjectivity in Contemporary Women’s Visual Art, Feminist Pedagogy, and French Feminist Theory
Engineer, Samia A.1992Ph.D.Bahraini Visual Culture: Art, Gender, and Control
Hicks, Timothy O.1992Ph.D.Psychical Distance and Related Aesthetic Concepts as a Factor in the Appreciation of Art
Wyrick, Mary L.1992Ph.D.Contemporary Artists Utilizing News Media: Appropriation, Criticism, and Activism in Art Education
Agag, Mohamed E.1991Ph.D.Egyptian Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Grade Students’ and Their Teachers’ Beliefs about 1991 Ph.D. and Knowledge of Ceramics: An Assessment of Art in the Basic Education Curriculum
Schmidt, Kenneth E.1991Ph.D.Conflict and Consonance: A Study of Two Traditions in the History of Modern Craft
Wolcott, Anne G.1991Ph.D.Aesthetic Experience, Postmodern Art, and Contemporary Art Education
Al-Kaisy, Saad1990Ph.D.Tensions between Individual Artistic Vision and Cultural Imperatives in Contemporary Iraqi Monumental Sculpture
Greenman, Christopher H.1990Ph.D.A Transpersonal Model of Art Criticism
Hollingsworth, Charles H1990Ph.D.Viktor Lowenfeld and the Racial Landscape of Hampton Institute during His Tenure 1939-1946
Pistolesi, Edie1990Ph.D.Part Super: A Play, the Creative Process, and Childhood Fantasy
Winkleman, Roy1990Ph.D.Art Education in the Non-Public Schools of Pennsylvania, 1720-1870
Al Zayer, Saleh Hassan Hussen1989Ph.D.The Effects of Economic and Social Change on Education and Practice of Crafts in the Arabic Society
Ali, Abdulmounim1989Ph.D.Design and Decoration in Iraqi Houses: Relationships among the Beliefs of Individuals of Different Social and Economic Statuses
Gargan, Carol1989Ph.D.The Reincarnation of the Word
Pazienza, Jennifer1989Ph.D.Modes of Historical Inquiry: Teaching Art to Children
Ritenbaugh, Thomas D.1989Ph.D.Artist, Teacher, Scholar, Organizational Leader, Administrator, Collector: Art Educators’ Beliefs about Roles and Status
Turner, Dianne1989D.Ed.`Exhibitions of Children’s Art: Relationships among Beliefs of Practicing Elementary Art Teachers, Prospective Classroom Teachers, and Prospective Art Teachers
Connelly, Mary Ellen1988Ph.D.The Relationship Between Art Teachers’ Levels of Professionalization and Openess to Change
Hook, Dorothy1988Ph.D.Fenollosa and Dow: The Effect of an Eastern and Western Dialogue on American Art Education
Igwe, Kodilinye O.1988Ph.D.“Adire” Traditional Cloths in Contemporary Nigeria:A Semiotic Analysis
Johnston, Paul L.1988Ph.D.The Inquiry Into the Artistic Life – World of Selected Art Students.
Katter, Eldon L.1988Ph.D.Making Distinctions Among Universal, Cultural, and Individual Features of the Art Experience as a Direction for Art Education in a Multicultural Society
Nagamachi, Mitsuie1988Ph.D.Teaching in the Eternal Present: Art Education as Radical Support of Art-Making
Perry-Wilson, Dora1988Ph.D.The Evolution and Processes of a Multi-discipline-Based Art Education Prototype in Visual Technology
Taylor, Cynthia J.1988Ph.D.Towards Poiesis: “Saving Grace” for Art, Education and Art Education
Hubbard, Carole Ann1987Ph.D.Roots of African-American Art: The Early Years through the 1930s
Roberts, Maureen Y.1987Ph.D.The Community Art Center: The Tension of Educational Change in Programming for Adult Learners
Troxell, Robert Toyakazu1987Ph.D.Poetic Consciousness: A Phenomenological Videoiconographic Investigation
Kearns, Lola H.1986D.Ed.Outcomes of Inservice Programs on the Arts in Special Education: The Arts in Special Education Project of Pennsylvania
Bentz, Sarah1985Ph.D.A Way of Teaching Art and Responding Through Classroom Research, a Synergetic Model
Connors, Kathleen1985Ph.D.Myth, Stereotype, Taboo, and the Self-Esteem of the Woman Artist
Coraor, John E.1985Ph.D.The Performative Aspects of Viewing Art: An Existential Grounding of Art in Foundational Education
Koslosky, Robert B1985Ph.D.An Analysis of the Bases for Visual Symbol Making By Children Functioning on the Primary Cognitive Level
Kostakis, Maida S.1985D.Ed.A Hermeneutic Account of the Biographical Attitude in Art Education: Toward a Meaningful Experience for Children with American Paintings
Meyer, Scott1985Ph.D.A Sense of Place, The Imaginal: A Phenomenological Exploration of Imaginal Place, Its Implications for Poetic Reverie and Creation
Svedlow, Andrew J.1985Ph.D.The Ascent of a Painter: A Phenomenological Study of an Art Act
Thomas, William1985Ph.D.An Exposition of Visual Metaphor
Circincione, Anthony1984Ph.D.The Tensional Dialectic in the Philosophy of John Dewey and Its Manifestation Within the Creative Process: An Interpretation Analysis
Geiger, Gerald1984Ph.D.The Spiral: Metaphysical Organizing Principle
Smith, Patricia A.1984Ph.D.Formative Hermeneutics: The Art of Teaching Art
Weigand, Herbert M.1984Ph.D.Art Education as Natural Science: An Integrated Curriculum Approach to the Teaching of Visual Art and Natural Science in the Secondary School
Fetter, Dian E.1983Ph.D.Philosophic Ground for Arts and Humanities Education
Amr, Kayed1982Ph.D.The Interaction of Cultural and Natural Factors in the Drawing of Jordanian Children
Baker, David1982Ph.D.Rousseau’s Children: An Historical Analysis of the Romantic Paradigm in Art Education
Chetelat, Frank J.1982D.Ed.A Preliminary Investigation Into Life Situations and Environments Which Nurture the Artistically Gifted and Talented Child
Deutsch, Bonnie L.1982D.Ed.An Investigation of Granulation Through Historical, Metallurgical, and Artistic Studies
Grout, Stephen D.1982D.Ed.A Descriptive Study of Art Programs in Two Correctional Institutions.
Raunft, Ralph1982Ph.D.A Daseinsanalytic–Hermeneutic Study of the Significance of the Childhood Art Experiences of Two Mature Artists/Teachers: A Dialectic Hypnotic Age Regression
Saylor, Mary C.1982Ph.D.Elders’ Preferences in Decorative Design and Crafts Practices
Waagen, Alice K.1982Ph.D.An Historical Survey and Analysis of American Handweaving
Anderson, Janet T.1981Ph.D.Eluding the A Priori:A Hermeneutic of Process based upon Robert Motherwell’s Superordinant Concepts on the Making of Art
Bentenas, Eduard H.1981Ph.D.The Emergence of an ‘Aesthetical Idea’:An Inquiry into the Nature of a Philosophy of Aesthetical Education
Dyer, Eula May1981D.Ed.A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Effects of Photographic Instruction on College Students’ Descriptions of Photographs
Giopulos, Peter1981Ph.D.Potting as a Phenomenon: Movement and Choice Stimulate Transformation
Lepley, Deborah J.1981Ph.D.Video Art: A Task in Thinking About the Revealing of Self Within a Technological Society
Olapade, Jacob O.1981Ph.D.The Relationship Between University Students’ Orientation to Art Criticism and Their Critical Evaluation of Works of Art
Seymour, Nancy N.1981Ph.D.The Role and Potential of Metaphor in a Qualitative Art-Encounter: Some Implications for Art Appreciation and Art History
Stokrocki, Mary Lou1981D.Ed.Spheres of Meaning: A Qualitative Description and Interpretation of An Art Learning Environment
Strugess, Pamela1981D.Ed.The Inestimable Inuit: An Intercultural Dialogue in Art Education Curriculum Design
Webb, Nicholas1981Ph.D.The Notion of Autonomy as Integral to the Idea of a Work of Art
Brooks, Cathy A.1980Ph.D.The Meaning of Childhood Art Experience: A Dialectical Hermeneutic
Drake-Lewis, Eleanor M.1980Ph.D.The Hermeneutics of the Thought Processes Engaged in a Studio Art Experiment as Grounded in Personal Interest
Golub, Elizabeth K.1980Ph.D.The Relationship Between Cognitive Orientation Toward Art and the Development of Meaning for Art Among Children Ages Six, Nine and Twelve
Jordan, Lawrence1980Ph.D.On The Journey of Claying
Kauppinen, Heta1980Ph.D.A Model for Educational Evaluation: The Evaluation and Assessment of a Program of Basic Art Objectives in the Finnish Comprehensive School System
Mason, Rachel M.1980Ph.D.Interpretation and Artistic Understanding
Newby, Marilyn P.1980Ph.D.The Evolution of Art in the Treatment of Socially and Emotionally Maladjusted Children in Residential Institutions
Rogers, Doris E.1980Ph.D.A Critical Analysis of the Serpent Symbol as it is Relevant to the Perpetuation of the Djuka Art Tradition
Rosine, Doris E.1980Ph.D.The Speculative Mode of Being in the Work of Art
Sherman, Michael P.1980Ph.D.A Descriptive Study of the Relationship Between the Architectural Designer and Client During the Development of the Design Parameters: An Exercise in Wholistic Architecture
Weisensee, Marilynn1980Ph.D.An Inquiry Into the Nature of Teacher Becoming as Person Becoming
Bloom, Leslye P.1979Ph.D.Toward An Understanding of Adult Art Education
Burkett, Frederick K.1979D.Ed.A Qualitative Description and Interpretation of a Series of Unique Expressive Situation of One Subject-As-Artist
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Schantz, Alan P.1979Ph.D.The Communication Components of Art Teaching
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Ekeada, Felix I.N.1977Ph.D.Cultural Renewal and Manpower Development in Contemporary Nigerian Art Education
Rice, Roberta W.1977Ph.D.A Typology for Art History, Art Criticism, and Art Appreciation, The Conceptual Analysis of Three Texts
Staley, Rosalie D.1977Ph.D.Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms: A Basis for Imagination, Myth, and Symbol in Art
Wilson, Marjorie1977D.Ed.Passage-Through-Communitas: An Interpretive Analysis of Enculturation in Art Education
Zellner, Roger R.1977D.Ed.Understanding of the Sculptural Process as Revealed in Twenty-Four Process Photographic Records
Alexick, David1976Ph.D.A Study of The Effect of a Program of Perceptual Training on the Drawings of Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Children
Berhalter, Kathleen A.1976Ph.D.The Development of a Scale for the Observation of Imposed Conditions and the Composition of Control in an Art Classroom and a Study of Its Potential for use in Teacher Self-Evaluation
Brooks, Robert W.1976Ph.D.Dualism and Dialectic in Hegel and Brown: Dynamic Aspects Among the Concepts of Self-Identity, the Aesthetic, and Creative Activity
Day, Elmer S.1976Ph.D.A Study of Dreams and Dreaming and the Transformation of Dream Themes Into Drawings and Paintings
DePillars, Murray N.1976Ph.D.African-American Artists and Art Students: A Morphological Study in the Urban Black Aesthetic
Folsom, Stanley N.1976Ph.D.The Art Educator in the Preadolescent World: A Phenomenological Descriptive Study of Teacher and Children
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Novosel, Joan1976Ph.D.The Structural Existentiality of Arting: Inquiry into the Nature of The Creative Process
Paleologos, Milton1976D.Ed.A Phenomenological and Contextual Inquiry into the Working Processes of a Mature Artist/Teacher
Stapleton, Donnie Joe1976Ph.D.Ontological Inquiry in Art Education: Hermeneutic Interpretation of a Drawing Serial
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