Marian Bailey: patterns of a life

Marian Bailey painting mural

In a world rife with overconsumption, it can be easy to buy into the capitalistic idea of purchasing a new article of clothing for every occasion. Rapidly cycling trends and easy access to fast fashion makes keeping up with what is cool fairly attainable. More people are grappling with what it means to consistently buy things from places like Shein and Amazon and thinking harder about where these low-quality items end up when they’re finished with them.

In this piece, Marian Bailey decided to create a new pattern from things that she’s bought secondhand. Buying vintage and secondhand clothing is a great alternative to fast fashion for many people. Vintage clothing tends to be of a higher quality that lasts longer and buying secondhand also means that whatever was purchased will have a longer life.

Marian Bailey is a self-taught visual artist located in Philadelphia, PA. She is an illustrator, muralist, and even a model when asked. Her mediums of choice are digital art and acrylic paint. Marian loves creating large-scale murals and smaller digital pieces. She creates bold, colorful illustrations and portraits of people, both known and imagined.

The Woskob Family Gallery receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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