Winners selected for fall 2023 Gallery@104 student art competition

An architecture student and a sculpture student are the winners of the College of Arts and Architecture Office of Academic Affairs and Outreach fall 2023 student art competition. Evan Santos (fourth year, architecture, Stuckeman School) received first place, and Marianna Renda (fourth year, sculpture BFA) was named runner-up. Their works will be displayed in Gallery@104 (104 Borland Building) through the end of the fall 2023 semester.

Santos designed a building concept, “Neue Galerie,” to fit an existing block in New York City. “The 'Neue Galerie' tends to foster a much more intimate atmosphere, unlike some other art galleries, which are drowned by the presence of natural light,” he explained. “Elements that are unique to the building are the breeze blocks and stationary panels, which are angled according to the most direct light in the gallery; a tapered light well that gently connects the program through natural light; and a series of angled walls that harmonize with the various spaces.”

Renda's sculpture, titled “American Housewife,” centers on “stereotypical aspects” of an American housewife, such as cooking and sewing. “The eggshells coming out the other side of the pan [in the sculpture] may show anger and frustration that the housewife may feel from pressure, as she throws an egg at the pan with such force that it breaks through and appears to be fine on the top. The stand is meant to look like a stove top and also acts as a balancing act as the housewife performs to create an effective lifestyle.”

Gallery@104 was established in 2022 as a biannual exhibition and juried competition for undergraduate Arts and Architecture students in any major. See this story for more on the competition.

Schools and Departments: School of Visual Arts, Stuckeman School
Event Sponsors: School of Visual Arts, Stuckeman School