Visual arts faculty members and alumni contribute to international art exhibition

3D sculpture of a a torso split in half with iron rods connecting the two
Penn State School of Visual Arts Professors Cristin Millett and Kimberly Lyle, along with alumni Cydnei Mallory (’14 B.F.A.) and Kiana Honarmand (‘14 M.F.A.), have collaborated with international artists to create “Körperkammer,” a collaborative artwork examining the body’s connection to iron, which is on display at Moving Poets Novilla in Berlin, Germany until Sept. 25. The work is a product of Exquisite Corpus, an international group of women artists from the U.S., Australia, Finland and England, which, through interdisciplinary collaboration, aims to “foster cross-cultural dialogue and bridge geo-political boundaries.” “Körperkammer,” according to the artists’ statement, conceptualizes the body as a Wunderkammer that can be seen as a cabinet -- a dynamic vessel to contain, house, protect, preserve, arrange and organize the objects within. The Wunderkammer’s connection to, and dependence on, iron is explored through a conceptually linked collection of 2D, 3D and 4D specimens visually presented through the format of installation. Collectively, the concepts that comprise “Körperkammer” circulated between the artists and metabolized in different ways. “Whether transformed by casting into iron or another metal, scanned and manipulated digitally, collaged or assembled into another work or auto-generated using machine learning, its discreet and accumulated parts, objects, artifacts and processes combine to explore our bodies’ critical dependence on iron,” the statement said. Joining the Penn State artists are Clare Nicholson, Sydney, Australia; Kira O’Reilly, Helsinki, Finland; Erica Seccombe, Canberra, Australia; Nina Sellars, Melbourne, Australia; Rebecca Stevenson, London, England; and Ionat Zurr, Perth, Australia. For more information on the exhibition, visit Moving Poets website.

Schools and Departments: School of Visual Arts
Degrees: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, Master of Fine Arts in Art