Roberto Lugo

Studio for Sustainability & Social Action virtual event takes place April 22-24

The Studio for Sustainability and Social Action in the Penn State School of Visual Arts will hold a virtual symposium and exhibition, April 22-24, featuring climatologist Michael Mann, and five “keynote artists” addressing five themes: Brandon Ballengée, visual artist and biologist: Care; Stacy Levy, sculptor: Water; Futurefarmers artist collective: Food; Roberto Lugo, ceramicist: Shelter; and Katie Holten, multimedia artist: Cost

In addition, five Penn State faculty member artists—Rebecca Strzelec, Yvonne Love, Helen O’Leary, Rudy Shepherd, and Nichole van Beek—will expand the interdisciplinary conversations of 32 presentations. For more information and to register, click here.

IMAGE/CREDIT PATRICK MANSELL: Ceramicist and social activist Roberto Lugo (’14 M.F.A. Visual Arts) is one of the keynote artists participating in the Studio for Sustainability and Social Action Symposium and Exhibition, April 22-24.