Stuckeman, SoVA faculty members to host MADE 2019 Symposium

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – Yasmine Abbas, assistant teaching professor of architecture and engineering design, and Aaron Knochel, assistant professor of art education in the School of Visual Arts, have organized the 2019 Matters of Art and Design Education (MADE) Symposium for April 5 through the College of Arts and Architecture’s Arts and Design Research Incubator (ADRI). The day-long event will be held in16 Borland Building.

MADE 2019 will focus on exploring design practice through the senses. The broader goal of the symposium is to promote interdisciplinary teaching and innovative thinking in line with College of Arts and Architecture priorities and to speculate on the future of design at Penn State and beyond. Thematic threads will include design with and for smell, taste, sound and touch, and pedagogical strategies that may open students to learn by sensing and produce emotional design and spaces of affect.

The event will feature keynote speaker Yasaman Sheri, whose research focuses on “synthetic sensing, perception systems and augmentation of body, objects and ecologies.”

Additional presentations and panel discussions include representation from the fields of agricultural engineering, visual arts, architecture, and landscape architecture. Afternoon working group sessions will explore “Architecting Atmospheres” and a C-PAD -ponsored “Phenomenal Panel” that will take place at the nearby Armsby Respiration Calorimeter museum.

The event is free (with lunch provided) and open to the Penn State community. Registration is required.

Details and registration can be found here.