Circular concert hall with wooden stage, many windows and seats with a grand piano on stage

Recital Hall wins AIA Interior Architecture Award

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has named the School of Music Recital Hall a winner of the 2022 AIA Interior Architecture Award.

The award annually recognizes and celebrates the most “innovative and spectacular interior spaces” that make their mark on the cities, places and spaces where they exist.

Designed by the architecture firm William Rawn Associates, and completed in 2018, the Recital Hall is home to more than 400 performances each year and has received numerous architectural awards.

The 420-seat vineyard-style recital hall, the first at this scale, has audience seating that encloses the stage on four sides to maximize intimacy and was designed by the architecture team to engage the senses through acoustic excellence.

School of Music Director David Frego said the Recital Hall has united the University and local community by offering a magnificent space to celebrate the arts at Penn State.

“There is a sense of joy being in the space,” Frego said. “We all feel proud of the Recital Hall and students, faculty and patrons agree that the space is both an aesthetic and acoustic masterpiece.”

To learn more about the award and the AIA, visit the AIA website.