Ballengee Morris Receives Alumni Award

Congratulations to Christine Ballengee Morris (?95 Ph.D. Art Ed), the School of Visual Arts 2018 recipient of the College of Arts and Architecture Alumni Award. Ballengee Morris is a professor in the Department of Arts Administration, Education and Policy at The Ohio State University and is currently serving as interim director of the Barnett Center for Integrated Arts and Enterprise Faculty. A Cherokee-Appalachian, she is also coordinator of the American Indian Studies program.

Ballengee Morris was the founding director of the Multicultural Center at OSU, which changed how diversity was defined, represented and supported for and by students, faculty and community at the university. She teaches art education classes that specialize in diversity explorations.†A past president of the United States Society for Teaching through Art, she has served as editor for†Art Education and been a member of several editorial boards. She has authored or co-authored several books, including†Contemporary American Indian Art, Pedagogy, and Research, co-authored with Kryssi Staikidis (2018);†Visual culture, representations, and misrepresentations†(2015);†Stand(ing) Up for Change, co-authored†with Kevin Tavin (2012); and†Interdisciplinary approaches to teaching art in high school†(co-author, 2007).†

Before entering higher education in 1992, Ballengee Morris spent 14 years teaching in the public school system, and 20 years as an artist-in-residence in public schools and five countries. She has led social justice and mediation workshops for various organizations.†

Ballengee Morris? honors include the 2008 National Art Education Association Higher Education Western Division Award; 2007 Ziegfeld Award for Diversity; 2006 National Art Education Association Grigsby Award (research in and commitment to diversity); 2000 Ohio State Newark Research and Service Award; and Young Native American Woman Leadership Award from the NAACP in Licking County, Ohio.