International tours a highlight for Penn State choir members

This summer, 32 members of the Concert Choir, along with School of Music faculty members Christopher Kiver, choir director, and Jennifer Trost, soloist, spent 10 days in Germany, performing music by composers associated with the towns they visited. Those towns included Gotha, Eisenach,†Rˆmhild, Gˆrlitz, Bautzen, Berlin and Leipzig, where Johann Sebastian Bach lived and worked.

According to Concert Choir member Lindsay Dudis, a sophomore voice major, it was exciting to see what inspired the composers? music.

?Singing in the old churches was so amazing ? voices seemed to echo not only through the walls, but through their history,” said Dudis. “The most touching part of the tour for me was singing around Bach?s grave. It felt like going through the ultimate audition, but I felt so proud to be singing ?thank you? to someone who fathered music. I, along with many others, cried in thanks.?

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By Amy Milgrub Marshall