Daniel Zolli’s co-edited anthology, The Art of Sculpture in Fifteenth-Century Italy, published by Cambridge University Press.

Book cover showing sculpture and text
The Art of Sculpture book cover
Dr. Daniel Zolli has published an anthology of nineteen essays, co-edited with Amy Bloch, titled The Art of Sculpture in Fifteenth-Century Italy (Cambridge University Press). The volume includes a substantial co-authored introduction (“Making and Unmaking Sculpture in Fifteenth-Century Italy,” pp. 1-38), and Zolli’s own essay (“Virgil’s Forge: The Afterlife of a Sculptural Legend in Aragonese Naples,” pp. 388-415). Details here: https://www.cambridge.org/core/books/art-of-sculpture-in-fifteenthcentury-italy/2A12CCD9928EAF68F6FD99F0C5EEB08C

Schools and Departments: Department of Art History
Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Art History, Master of Arts in Art History, Ph.D. in Art History, Art History Minor