Benitez appointed scholarship and research editor of the College Music Symposium

Vincent P. Benitez, associate professor of music theory, has been appointed as the Scholarship and Research Editor for the College Music Symposium: Journal of the College Music Society.

The College Music Symposium is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal established in 1961 that publishes research, comprehensive review articles, forums and individual reviews of books, films, audio, technologies, and various online media.

The journal is organized and published by the College Music Society, a national educational and professional organization that serves music faculty in colleges and universities by gathering, considering and disseminating ideas on the philosophy and practice of music as an integral part of higher education.

“I am very excited to have been selected as the new Scholarship and Research Editor of the College Music Symposium: Journal of the College Music Society which serves the interests of music administrators, composers, ethnomusicologists, musicologists, music educators, music theorists and performers,” Benitez said. “During the next three years I shall continue to emphasize the College Music Symposium’s exploration of diverse perspectives while simultaneously addressing the dynamically changing music field of the twenty-first century.”

For nearly five decades, the College Music Symposium has upheld the mission of being a “different sort of scholarly journal, a provocative publication that cuts across lines of specialization” by serving a wide range of professionals and by remaining fluid in addressing the dynamic interests and concerns of CMS readers.

“My colleagues and I are delighted with this appointment. It is a well-earned recognition of Dr. Benitez’s stature as a researcher and his specialty in the music of Messiaen,” said David Frego, director of the Penn State School of Music. “This appointment provides deserved visibility to my colleague as well as to this institution.”

Benitez began the three-year appointment on Jan. 1.