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Thomas Cody

Instructor, Music Theory
Penn State School of Music instructor Thomas
219 Music Building I

Thomas Cody teaches freshman and sophomore music theory and aural skills. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance and a Masters of Music in Music Theory and Composition, both from Youngstown State University. He is currently finishing the requirements for a Ph.D. in Music Theory from The Ohio State University. His dissertation focuses on Denis Delair’s accompaniment treatise of 1690 and the development of harmonic theory that is implied in the text and musical examples of practical French accompaniment treatises from 1660–1733. While at OSU, Thomas received awards for outstanding teaching and scholarship. He also taught music theory for one year at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center—a high school for the performing arts located in Columbus, Ohio. His research interests include: History of Music Theory, Music Theory Pedagogy, Performance Practice, Music for the Guitar and for the Lute, and Arranging.