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Ross Weinreb

Architecture Instructor, Stuckeman School Career Adviser
Portrait of Penn State Stuckeman School instructor Ross Weinreb
232 Stuckeman

Ross Weinreb has been an instructor of architecture at Penn State since 2010. In 2004 he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech where his undergraduate thesis project investigated pop culture and its influence on recreational building typologies. In 2012 he received his Master of Architecture degree from Penn State where his research explored the various approaches for teaching professional practice in undergraduate schools of architecture.

Weinreb has a professionally diverse background including historical preservation, commercial and condominium high-rises, university, and medical projects. Progressing from intern to project manager, and eventually a licensed architect (in Florida and Pennsylvania), Ross gained a strong technical background that focuses on building tectonics. He has a special interest in the professional relationship between architects and engineers and the integrated design process.

  • Education
    • BA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in 2004
    • M.ARCH from The Pennsylvania State University in 2012
  • Courses Taught
    • Architecture and Ideas
    • Basic Design and Research I
    • Architectural Design Analysis
    • Interdisciplinary Collaborative (CoLab) Design Studio